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any help on giving pill to small cat

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I have been having to give my daughters kitten 1/8th of a Flagyl tablet a day and am having the worst time getting it into her. She is small and so hard to give meds to. I have tried giving it to her straight and if she gets a taste of it she starts drooling and foaming. The vet says its very bitter. I have crushed it too, putting it in cat food and syringing it into her and I'm not sure she is getting the whole dose that way either cause she spits out some of it. The older one is no problem. I can give her her dose and its not a problem. Just the smaller one. It is working, they are getting better but I just want to make sure she gets her whole dose of medication. Any ideas?
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two words pill gun- shoots it down their throat quick and easy. You can get one at your vet's office.
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stormy is pretty small, I have to give her 1/4 of a tab twice a day. I just sit her on my lap and push it in the side of her mouth toward the back and she swallow it. I don't think it is a very bitter bill though. She doesn't seem to mind at all. It is much eaiser then that liquid I had to give her. Good luck!!
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Wow!! A pill gun??? Where was that when I had to give flagyl to my RB cat.

We would take the pill and submerge it in butter, so that it hides the taste and also slips down the throat easily.
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Thanks guys! I will go and get a pill gun today, I have tried the butter thing and she didnt go for it at all. She just has the tiniest mouth and the sharpest teeth! I have never had one that fights like this one to give medication to. She is getting better though, finally!
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i have found that a liquid is easier to give a kitten, most meds. can be got in a liquid.
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Foster and Smith dot com sell a pill gun called a Bullseye. I have one....they work great. It cost about $2.50
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I've been pilling Marshmallow since Thursday. The vet suggested that I coat the pill with wet cat food before trying to toss it down his throat... Funny thing is, once I coated it with the wet food, he just licked it right up!!! It's really great... You might want to try that... Marshmallow hasn't given me a problem yet!
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This may sound extreme, but i find the best way is to grab them by the scruff of their neck and tilt their heds back just like the vet does....
You need to be lightning quick though.
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I wait until the cat is in a sound sleep.......then I sneak attack him. I have the pill already down his throat before he knows what happened
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hah hahah haha
i've done that too!
especially to bobbie...
i wait til she's fast asleep and then get her!!
and it's almost like they don't even know what happened!
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I do the vet way to, till head back, open bottom jaw, and pop it down, it difficult the first few times, but once you get the hang of it, they have no choice! and make it easier to inspect their mouths from time to time tmake sure all is ok!
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Went and got a pill gun at petsmart today and it works great! Thanks for all your help, there were lots of good suggestions.
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Glad things are working out for you.
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