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Kim Ward!

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I love looking at your felons signature - I was thinking, Spot really looks like a felon - those eyes!
And then at GoGo - he looks as if hes saying "who me? Im innocent!"
Peanut really looks remorseful and Rocko looks as if he doesnt care.

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I cracked up when I first saw those...part of what's gotten me hooked here, along with all the wonderful people. She is so talented!
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bumping for kim!

I agree, SO cute
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OMG! Kellye - I just found this thread!! I'm sorry for the delayed reaction -- Eeeeek!!!!!

Thank you guys for complimenting my felon signature... Another another weird design from the insane cat lady - LOL!!

The boys inspired it with their behavior, that's for sure! Their faces crack me up, too...they look so ticked off where Rocko seems so oblivious - LOL!!!

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That's funny...looks thought as if they are saying exactly what Kellye said...
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