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Oh No Bob Hope Died!

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I just heard it on the news! He was such a legend and a hero to the military. I knew that he couldn't live forever, I just hoped he would!
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Oh no! I didnt hear about this! This is so sad.
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Oh dear!!!!!
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They just mentioned it on my morning news. We've lost the last of the good ones, lately - first Katharine Hepburn and now Bob Hope.

THAT is going to be one HUGE funeral, though. They'll need the LA Coliseum to hold all of the veterans who will want to pay their respects.
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Originally posted by hissy
...... I knew that he couldn't live forever, I just hoped he would!
I agree Maryanne! Seemed like Bob Hope was "family" when I was growing up. His sense of humor was so unique! I hope a really nice tribute for him will be televised for all the world to see and remember.
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Wow! I thought he would live forever. And he made it to his 100th birthday, so that was almost forever.

I never thought he was funny when I was a kid. His sense of humour improved a lot as I got older.

Bye Bob, we'll miss you!
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I'm not too sure who he is... but i know he was really famous...
Before my time i guess...
So sad...
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Remember the movie "Grumpy Old Men" with Walter Matthau & Jack Lemmon? Back when that movie was popular, I remember chatting with my aunts about how cool it would have been to have Bob Hope in the cast... Bob's humor would have mixed right in with that bunch!

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I guess you are right Tybalt. But he will be missed by so many.
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I think we will all mourn Bob Hopes death. He was a wonderful person and will be missed. That's probably why he lived such a long and full life. God Bless him.
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Bob Hope was a comic genius. It is a shame when people who have made a difference pass away. But as Tybalt says - if he was suffering then maybe he is happy and free now.
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Personally I think its amazing that he lived so long! Wasnt he like 100??

He will be missed
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Now he can come back and entertain us again as a new performer! He was a great person too.
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Yes, it is a sad day. We've lost a lot of legendary entertainers recently. Katherine Hepburn, Buddy Hackett (who was a distant relative of mine), and now Bob Hope.

Didn't George Burns die at 100 also? Or was he 101?
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Thanks for the memories BOB.
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I knew who he was but never really "knew" him.

R.I.P Bob - I agree with Tyablt although he sounds like a great person and he will be missed like crazy.

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Bob Hope's life is a cause to celebrate. He brought so much joy to so many people.

Bill says that the USO show that he saw in Vietnam in '66 was great. I'm sure that Bill isn't the only vet who regards Bob Hope as one of their own.

I'm sure that Bob, Bing and Dorothy are making "Road to Paradise".
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