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Fav. pet online buying sites?

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So what are the best places online to buy pet "stuff"?

Thank you,

Heather V. Havel
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I just bought my very own habikat (thanks Donna!!) and at petsmart.com it was a hundred bucks, well if you go to www.habikat.com you can get if for $70, & that includes shipping & handling. Can't wait for mine to get here!

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That's great, AP! I get leary of buying online because the shipping usually eats up what you would have saved in the first place.


Check out the cat tree thread in the lounge. Frannie's dad has a site with some cool cat trees and other stuff.
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I like www.Petsmart.com-it is convenient and items are fairly easy to find which says a lot b/c I am computer-dumb. Yea, they charge extra shipping for litter and food b/c of the weight, but if you sign up for their newsletter, they sometimes send e-mail for $10 off $30 orders and stuff like that. Plus, you save a tiny bit on tax. It usually doesn't end up a whole lot less, but it does allow you to shop from home at strange hours of the night, and they deliver everything right to your door which is especially great if you live upstairs like me.
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if you click on this link it has coupons that can be used at several different online petstores


also something I found was by visiting the direct site of something you want (i.e. habikat.com) and buying it direct you can save much $$$$, as demonstrated by the fact that I saved over $30 + shipping & handling by getting my habikat from them instead of petsmart.
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I'll admit I bought my carrier from Petsmart.com because after a $10 off coupon for 1st time shoppers, the thing was dirt cheap.

Honestly, I have to stay away from these sites because I could get into some serious debt late at night. It's worse than an infomercial because you can shop for ANYTHING!
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I do 99% of my non food shopping on line... I did all of my x-mas shopping last year on line! I love to shop but 1.) can't stand the crowds and 2.) can't stand looking at those tiny manicans (sp) in the windows and trying to find my size - I didn't think a size 11 was large until I went shopping last time and all I can find are size 5s! Now granted I could aford to lose a size or two but I've not been a size 5 since maybe age 12! Also I can find EXACTLY what I want online - do comparison shopping and everything in my sweats and a tee-shirt!


and while I have some debt I don't have a lot!
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What's that?
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