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If I was after a cat and wanted something that was of good breeding what would be the best to go for?
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Not sure what you're looking for. Good breeding does not always equal most popular and vice versa.

A lot depends on what you're looking for in a cat. Do you prefer an active companion, a cat that is always there whatever you're doing, ready to "help"? Then maybe an Abyssinian is right for you. Do you want a cat that "talks" to you, and is elegant and refined? Then perhaps a Siamese is a better choice. Or do you want a cuddly lapcat to snuggle and cuddle? A Ragdoll is the way to go for certain!

But for the best all-round, try adopting a shelter cat, a plain ordinary domestic short hair (DSH). They are generally very healthy and would be grateful to be rescued! You'd not only be getting a companion, you'd be saving a life as well!
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Yes it depends on just what type of cat you want. If your choose a specific breed, a lot of breeders will have retired cats free to a good home. There is also rescue that has purebred cats.

If you go to a shelter or rescue spend time with the cats and see which one best fits your lifestyle.

If you want a very active, wall climbing curtain hanging cat look at Bengals(lol)
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Before you decide, research, research, research!!!!!!!!!!

And then when you're ready to get one, do exactly the same thing for the breeders you're looking into. Get refs from people that have cats from a breeder, go and visit the cattery (if possible) failing that, talk to the vet that the breeder uses.
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what is the biggest breed of cats and how big can they get?
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I'd say the biggest breed of cat is the Maine Coon. The Ragdoll is also a fairly large breed.

The biggest shorthaired cat would probably be the British
Shorthair. But I could be wrong on both counts.

I think the smallest breed is the Singapura.

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I agree with Sue. I adopted Max from a local shelter and I have never regretted it. I got a chance to hold the cats I was interested in and found the one that suited me best. He cuddled the day we met and he is still a cuddler three years later. I don't care that he is not some exotic breed of cat. He is just a oridinary, beautiful tabby, but for me he was the one.
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I have just been looking at the Maine Coon, and Ragdoll, what cool looking CATS,

I think I'll look more into them!
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Don't forget to find out what illnesses the particular cat is prome to get. Some have hip problems some have heart problems. Also find a vet in your area that you are comfortable with. Preferable one with long hours. (Mine is open until 10pm) Cats never look sick until after 5 and your vet is closed.
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"Cats never look sick until after 5 and your vet is closed."

AMEN! They get sick at 4:59:30 or on sundays. Thats how cats are, if you want a cat I suggest finding a vet and an emergency vet, e vets are normally more expensive (I would be too if I was spaying a pyo cat at 3AM) but when your cat gets sick and needs medical attention an hour ago, you need to have a e vet. If you can find an e vet in your area get your normal vet to give you his home phone (most vets will if you ask) or an emergency number (many vets also have this but its not always given because they dont want to be woken up at midnite because someone has a sneezing cat).

Biggest breeds are probably Maine Coon, Ragdoll and NFC. As with any breed you can get small of any of the above, if you really want a big cat I suggest adopting an older one, you never know how big a kitten will get. Maine Coons can get pretty big but then again I had a female who was only 7 lbs. Ragdolls seem to get pretty big, I was clerking at a show this past weekend and there were 3 ragdoll kittens enter, one was 7 months and the other two were 5 months. I noticed these cats looked like fully grown cats, the 5 month old kittens looked about 8-10 months old. They were huge, I asked the judge if they are big cats or if they are mostly coat (we dont see a lot of ragdolls here, let alone huge kittens) and she said they are good size cats, the older one was too fat but the 5 month olds were good size and weight. NFCs also have a lot of coat but they get fairly big. Your going to want to do a lot of research before getting a cat.
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Does anyone no what illnesses Ragdolls and Maine Coon’s are prone to, as I have been looking and cannot fine anything?
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I'm not sure about Ragdolls, but offhand, I know that Maine Coons are prone to Hip Dysplasia and HCM (a heart condition that I can't spell!). Responsible breeders in the U.S. test for both before breeding a particular cat.

I don't know if these conditions affect the Maine Coons in England where you are, but it is something to look into.
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The most shown Longhair cat over here is the persian, they have very little health problems, bad breeding of persians can cause cats to have small nostrils and tiny tear ducts and crooked jaws, if you get a cat from a reptuable breeder they will warn you if there is any common illness in the genes.Although persians are a popular breed , many people do not have the time to take care of them, all they see is a fluffy ball of cuteness but do not take into concideration how much grooming & care they need , mind over matter, head over heart , get the breed that's ideal for your lifestyle.We haven't had many illness's in our cats, one boy got Hip Dyplasia which is very rare for a cat and one of our persians was born without any fur, only a slight patch of down on his back and had the same 'skin texture' as a spyinx(hairless cat) with the same purple looking markings , another cat was born with two parts of his skull unjoined , this was the same line we got rid of all the cats with this lineage and got healtheir stock.

Just be real careful on what type of cat you choose, if you live in an apartment a siamese/and or burmese might not be ideal for you because of how vocal they are ~~~~***---Disclaimer: Not all siamese are vocal---***~~~~.

In about 5 minutes I will probably think of some more points to add so just bear with me.
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I like to say thanks to you all on the cat site for the help that you have gave to me thank you all

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Hi Bing- What breed are you going to get?
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We have recently had a new arrival to the family. A Brown Tabby Male Maine Coon Kitten, that we have call Trigger. So far he is getting on will with Droopy Snoopy and Billy. He is just over ten weeks old so he is into and onto everything he makes us smile.
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Heya Bing!

Big congrats on Trigger- cute name, Can we please se pictures?

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Here you go Trigger trying to look his best! I hpoe that you all like the picture.

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Trigger is so cute!
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