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New Car!

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$28,000. Liquid Silver. Tinted Windows. 2000 model. Ford Falcon. Flash Mags. CD Player.Nice Interior. Low to the ground. Our New Car this is what it looks like.

GO Ford!

I hope you like it! Because I do!
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A Head On Shot.
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THAT'S your new car??????
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Well My Mothers new Car!
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Thats a cool car! Ford doesnt make Falcons here in the US anymore, its really pretty. I'm a car nut though. My kids think I'm crazy, I'm always commenting on cars that I see and they say Mom its just a car.
I always say, nah, you just dont understand. Car people know what I'm talking about though.
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Cool car Sam. I wouldn't mind driving round in that beauty for a while. My car is an old banger
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Arent you 'stealing bandwidth' by posting those pics?

Tis a nice car though!
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Arent you 'stealing bandwidth' by posting those pics?

Tis a nice car though!
No it looks like she saved them and up loaded them by the look of the properites. And they have on them were they can from

Very nice car!!
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Those pictures are from and the person that posted them there is accused of plagerizing by claiming they are pictures of his car when they were taken from a magazine. But it is a cool car. Hope Sam's mom enjoys it.
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Let me just clarify one thing, no that is NOT my exact car but that is the car we have got , same model color and everything. I hope this doesn't make me a fraud or anything.

We also have a Ford Fairmont 1997 same color and all but when we brought it we didn't know about the rust underneath.

Cars are really cool , and my family has some nice ones , I wanted the newest blue out but that was an extra $10,000 and although it's not popular now it will be more popular soon , it's like when we got the Fairmont ( Liquid Silver) it wasn't popular but the popluarity soon increased.

I probably am stealing bandwith but it didn't say I couldn't link them or anything.

Thank you for all the nice comments, I hope Rosy(My Mother) enjoys it as well
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How nice! I really like it!
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Oh That's such a shame that Ford's don't make Falcon's. Do they still make Fairmonts? I feel Fairmonts are probably the higest model of Ford in NZ.

Thanks Kathy!
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
I probably am stealing bandwith but it didn't say I couldn't link them or anything.
That is exactly my point (and was my point in the other thread) I dont have a problem with posting pictures from websites. Like I said in the other thread, its the internet and if someone really really doesnt want you using their pictures elsewhere, they WILL have a notice that says not to steal them, or have a right click blocker.

I was just messing with you since you were one of the ones so bent about stealing bandwidth and even giving other people hell for doing it. Just trying to be fair here
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nice car sam, hope you and your mom enjoys it
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Thank you Doug! Mum looked at it yesterday and drove it & stuff and picked it up at 10AM today, I'm still waiting until tomorrow morning to have my drive in it!
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Well, this is not a pic of MY car, but it is the same year and same color as this one. The only real difference is my car doesn't have a spoiler on the back like this one does. Otherwise, they look identical.

I looooove my Mustang convertible!!!1
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Oh Sue!

That's a lovely car!
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Hubby just bought me a new car. It's a 1990 Volvo 740 Wagon. It was the car I wanted in college and post-college until I fell in love with the Camry. It's the right color even! I LOVE it! My hubby is just the coolest.
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I'm happy with my new Stratus. There was a deep blue-violet Mustang, on Jim Click's lot that caught my eye,yesterday. I just don't want to pay the insurance rates, for a sports car, though. Even at my age, they stick it to you.
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We pay less to insure the 83 Mustang than the 87 T-Bird.
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Oh Erika How Exciting!

Cindy- I love your new car, it's so stylie.
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sam--i like your new car very cute!

katl8e.. I just got a new stratus coupe last summer! My mom wanted me to get a convertible but I wanted to be more on the practical side, you know being that it's sunny like 10 days out of the year here.... I still think they are pretty sharp tho!

Oh and this is my actual car
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Thanks Anna!

Holy Cow! That's what I call a NICE car.

Give it a kiss from me!
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actually it's a pretty low to mid range car (and my mother bamboozled the dealer into selling in VERY VERY cheap for being brand new).. But I'll tell my baby what u said and she will be very happy, lol. This is the first car of mine I got to pick out and I love it.. Other cars I've had have been hand me downs that broke down twice a week, it's really strange driving and not worrying if I'll make it to where I'm going..
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Gawd if that's low range I would LOVE to see what's called flash over there!

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