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Wellingtoncats.... so excited!

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We're leaving for our snowboarding holiday in New Zealand on the 9th of august...
I am SOOOOO excited
although i am also SOOOOOOOO sad i'll have to leave the kitties for so long....

Anyway, just thought i'd share that with you seeing as you're in NZ too.

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Also... what's the weather like?
how cold is it now?
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Hi Suraya!

That's Very Exciting! It depends are you going to the North Island or the South Island of New Zealand? It has just stopped snowing near us now and it's been sweltering hot, but then if you are going near snow it will probably be cold.. so pack warm! I hope you have a really good trip!

Tell me more!

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Will keep you all posted...
Can't wait!

Well, i'll be posting pix... as soon as i get back... and before i go i'll be insisting that everyone sends their 'keeping kitties kompany' vibes to all my babies while i'm away

i think we're arriving in auckland and then travelling to christchurch and stopping at all the mountains on the way...

my fiance's friends from nz will be travelling with us... i'll be logging in on and off... just to say hi...
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Oh Yay. It's a shame you are not stopping off in Wellington... Auckland is a nice city, very expensive for living and chch is a nice place all though it can get chilly! brrrr

I'll look forward to your 'Pop*In's'

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Yzma - I am from New Zealand - I hail from Christchurch - if you are going there to snowboard, then you are most likely snowboarding at Mt. Hutt. I used to ski there ALL the time.
That is so cool that you are going to kiwiland - make sure you tell us all about your trip!

Your fiancee has friends in NZ? Whereabouts are they?

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Well i'm not sure where they are... but i think they might be in queenstown... and yes... Mt hutt is where we are headed...
Yip Pee!
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Queenstown is also great for skiing - the Remarkables are a nice set of mountains! Cardrona is another nice skiing site.

Dont forget to tell us all about your holiday!
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*Okay... lets see if i get the accent right....*

No worries mate!

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Suraya I'm in total shock mode, 'Mate' is an ozzie word But we say that here as well

I'm sure you will love it here, it's picture perfect!
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Apparently us kiwi's() have a strong accent .... I don't think so though.
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i sort of knew that... i spent 3 years on the gold coast at university...

i prefer the NZ accent to the Aus accent...
MUCH MUCH nicer...
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Thanks Suraya!
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You two should meet and take loads of photos! How can you get so close and not get together? Sam isn't there a cat show or something????
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When Suraya is in ChCH which is like an 9 hour drive or 3 hour boat trip and then the drive or a 1&1/2 hour plane trip, I'll be in ... umm Wanganui I think.... or maybe Hamilton!*thinking*

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Maybe Suraya can meet you half way or something!
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Don't worry guys....
We're going next year, and the year after that too...
It's an annual trip for my fiancee...
We skipped last year as the friends he goes snowboarding with weren't able to make it...
But from this year on... we'll be there EVERY year!

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