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I found another kitten!

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I found a kitten today, and I found a kitten two weeks ago,
I dont think they are related one looks older than the other, it
it looks as though some bone head decided they didnt want a cat, and tossed it out. Shes very sweet, curious, and easy going. My apt. manager only allows me my one 12 year old cat, and he dont even want me having that one. But since shes old, he said for now its ok. Im planning on moving so I can foster rescued cats. My apt. manager does not know I have this kitten, and Im already falling in love with her. My lease is not up until May, so Im torn on finding it a new home, or keeping her myself, even though id have to hide her all the time, which would not be fair to the cat. Help..
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We have three cats
and no animals are allowed in these apartments
Our neighbours have 2 dogs...
Your management is worried about two things...
1. Noise
2. Damage to the property...

If you think you can keep them hidden then go ahead...
It's unlikely cat's will make enough noise to alert anyone that they are there...

Cat pee on carpets is another matter though... You need to be very careful if you do intend to keep them.

Good Luck.

You may want to get hold of the tenancy agreement and see exactly what it says re pets... after all, fish are pets, i'm sure there are people in your apartment with fish!!
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That's a tough one. The one time I tried to hide my cats, I got caught with 2 cats when we were only allowed 1 and we didn't notify the apartment management about either. OOPS! They weren't terribly understanding...but they did allow us to stay with both cats through the remainder of our lease but we did promise them when they found out that we would be moving.

The biggest problem I found is that cats love windows, so it also depends on how nosey your neighbors are (that's how we got caught - neighbors complained that we had two and they had to get rid of one of their cats And why they didn't find an apartment that allowed 2 cats, I will never know!) and how much your management/maintenance actually cares how many cats you have.

I'll also move this to the Lounge where more people will see your question.
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Aww bless your soul for rescuing the kittums!!!
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Thanks for your replys...

I spoke to my manager, I did not tell him I had the kitten
you are right about the windows though, my 12year old Samantha loves
the sun!! I went home this morning and was playing with the kitten, This kitten has the best disposition, she usues the litter box, shes
eating and drinking well, and shes loving. I dont want to part! My lease is up in 6 months, I do have to leave then because of my 12 year old. I call the kitten "Lady Bug", because I love lady bugs! I have not brought the kitten around Samantha because shes very jealous. She didnt like me talking to my Guinea Pigs. They both passed away 2 months ago, they both had a bacterial infection, Guinea pigs are my other Love!! Anyways, my neighbors are very nosey! Especially the lady upstairs. My Lanlord knows my apt. is clean, thats why he allows me to Live out my lease , and because he knows how I feel about my cat! I have lived there 3 years with Samantha, and he knows it. Cats were never allowed to live there, when he found out I did bring my cat there he left me alone for a while about it, but others also wanted an animal. They said it was not fair. But he did tell them mine was already in the family, and not new, and she was kinda old, so in that sense, he stuck up for me. Im still torn, I dont know what to do!
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well maybe he'll bend the rule even further for you... just be on your best behaviour....
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Thats what im hoping for!!!
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I rent a house, fortunately i found a GREAT landlord. he has lots of pets himself.
And be careful when searching for another apt, some landlords may seem that they allow pets, but can be decieving. be sure it is in your lease agreement and that they specify what TYPES of pets they allow.
our old landlord gave us problems with our dogs. we only had 2 at the time. we kept getting nasty notes about not cleaning up after our dogs when they went outside and barking. it was actually our neighbor's dog who would bark all night. they would leave him outside day and night. and we always cleaned up after our dogs. they were never allowed in the pool or in the courtyard. we terminated our lease early and left after being harrassed so much by this landlord. we always paid rent on time and kept our dogs clean and the apt clean. even the landlord said that we were her only tenants that were current on rent and said that our dogs were very well-behaved.
we found out later, that one neighbor accused us of having an aggressive pit bull. yes, Honey, our one dog is a pit bull mix but she is the sweetest dog and not aggressive. the neighbor stated to our landlord that Honey tried to attack her. this never occured. we never even met this neighbor and Honey was always either inside the apt or on a leash when outside. we didnt have a backyard so Honey had to be walked. and Honey is a unique pit bull in that her ears are not clipped, they stand straight up like a german shepherd's. the dog described by the neighbor had clipped ears and tail. and was an UN-nuetered MALE. even though it was all false accusations, our relationship with our landlord went downhill from there. it was after this accusation that we got nasty notes and our landlord refused to repair the air conditioner and various other problems. She would say "it's your dog's fault, they are damaging the apt we will deduct the damages from your security deposit". the A/C was leaking freon and water into the living room carpet and in the utility closet where the A/C unit was located. she said it was our dogs urinating on the carpet. we promptly gave 30 days notice and vacated. and now we live in a great house with a huge backyard. no more apts EVER!
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