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A few kitten pictures

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Well, I borrowed a digital camera and got some pictures of the non camera shy kids

I'm a cute grey kitty!

Look mom! I'm in a tree!

Camera shy girl.

This is bailey. Making sure the kitties stay out of trouble!

Dimitri: I see you!

I'll catch you yet!

Antisocial black girl wants attention!

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Sadly none of the pictures are showing up
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They're working now....I, ah, didn't use the correct links (I used the temporary view ones...instead of the "permanent" ones)

Btw: the grey male and the striped female are yet unnamed Feel free to toss out suggestions! The grey guy is just a troublemaker!

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hey moonlitday, your kittens look so cute....
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Awwwww sweet babies Love the sneak in the grass look going on with Dimitri. Hmmm Since the little grey kitty is a troublemaker just call him trouble until you can find something more suited for him I'll have to think on the tabby
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Aww those pictures are cute.
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all of your kitties are so cute, i dont know about being a trouble maker or not, in this pic. she or he looks very innocent, i guess she fooled me
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Awww! What cuties! Mr. Troubles. Shaker . Nibbles. Meester . *shrugs* think cute!
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Cute pictures! I have 2 kittens about the same age and the same colors as your gray one and tabby one, their names are Noah and Indie.
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