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I will keep you and your kitty in my thoughts
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Well, Pauie's bloods are back. His bloods are fine. We get the feacal sample results back in a few more anxious days.

The only problem is that he is now showing signs of severe malnutrition. I need your help...how do I feed up a cat who doesn't want to eat ???? He is so thin and boney you can see the joints move under his skin. It is really quite nauseating. How do I get him to eat ??????????????

Also, I told the vet, I always like to do my research and what is the possiblilty of it being Immflamitory bowel disease...something I found mentioned in another thread here last night. He said, that if the feacal samples come back negative, then it is a very high possibility. The problem is that as he is, his body wouldn't cope with exploritory surgery. We need to get some energy and weight back on him fast.

How on earth do I get him eating again ??? He won't eat fresh fish, gentle poached, or fresh chicken, roasted or otherwise. He was bought up on a junk food diet, of ham and chips and the like, so he would happily munch that, however, I am worried about the salt in ham, and certainly don't want it to become a staple food for him...as for chips, the grease ( he won't touch oven chips...only eats them fried ! ) would be bad for him too.

PLEASE ADVISE ME URGENTLY ! My vet who I trust is away for two weeks now, and in that time I have to get Pauie to gain weight, or we will lose him.

Also please bare in mind, that I am in the UK, so if there is some special suppliment, I can give, I need a list of ingredients so I can try to get the nearest possible thing.

As you can imagine, I am desperate for help. Anything at all will be gratefully appreciated.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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How about some cat junk food like Fancy Feast? Another thing you could try is pouring tuna water over the dry food. I sure hope your baby starts gobbling soon!
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I know it sounds crazy, and maybe others will tell you that you shouldn't feed a cat raw egg, but that is what I gave one of mine in desperation once when she would eat nothing and she lapped that up and later started eating again.

There is nothing wrong with giving tempting bits of ham. What about cooked liver or kidney - just very small amounts as this is quite a strong food for a sick cat? I've even fed mine bread and milk mashed up, chicken flavour baby foods, and some post op food that the vet gave me that were very palatable to my elderly cat after he had his teeth cleaned and he wasn't feeling too sparkling.

I remember you mentioned about the rasping he is doing. Is that still happening? I am sure that someone I know on another list mentioned that as a symptom of a cat disease. I will ask on that list if anyone can remember more about it.
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Well my suggestion is warm his food up just a little it tends to give the food a stronger smell. I also agree with the chicken or turkey baby food. If your looking for other suggestions go to the site about Chronic renal failure. There are lots of good suggestions on prompting a sick cat to eat (just a good source of info, since CFR cats often don't want to eat) I'm praying for your baby & hopefully we can find that miricle your looking for. My cat has CRF & so I know the feeling of needing a miricle.
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Thank you for your advice. Nothing I try works for long. He just ate a little Tuna fish, but then his gut started rumbling, and he ran to the litter box. For the past week, he has chronic diaorhea (sp?). Its like water, I've never seen it so bad in an animal. The vet took him in, as I previously posted, but he was so frightened that he crossed his legs for 12 hours, and refused to go. I am really, really scared. To gain weight and nourishment, he needs to stop the diaorhea. The vet doesn't seem to do anything if they can't see he has diaorhea. His temperature is a little low, and he is drinking, but his kidneys are fine. What is happening to my poor kitty. He doesn't really want cuddles anymore either...I can't help but feel it's a very bad sign.

I am going back to the vet tommorrow. They MUST give him something.
They just have to help him.

Rang_27-do you have that website address, you mentioned. I need to get advice as soon as possible.

Thanks guys !
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Sonia try here:

CatHelp Online

Ask for Traci or davet
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Sonia, I don't know if this will help at all or not. And yours is a cat, not a kitten, but you are in a desperate situation and are probably willing to try just about anything.

I thought it MIGHT help to read someone who just had a problem getting a kitten to eat and was finally able to do so. You never know - their experiences might help you and Pauie.

Here's a link: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=22617

Pauie is in my prayers!!!!!
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Ask your vet about a high energy nutrient gel... We used one called Nutrigel.
These contain EVERYTHING your cat needs and it's very easy to administer. All you need is a small 5ml plastic syringe. Most of these gels also stimulate the appetite. You can give him this entirely until he starts eating again. There are instructions on the back for how much you need to give the cat per the cats weight. In your case you might be able give him a bit more as he is supposed to be heavier.

Divide up the daily dose into about 7 or 8 small amounts and then give it to him every 3 to 4 hours. It may be a good idea to mix the gel in with some water at first so that he is also getting fluids...

I really think this is a good idea... We use it whenever our cats get sick and start to loose their appetite. And calaries and nutrients in a highly soluble form will be more readily absorbed by pauie's system as opposed to solid food which will just come out again...

You should be able to get a tube from your vet or pet store. If you can't find it at the pet store, then please ask your vet where you can it from. I highly recomment it.

here's a thread about one of the cats we had who was sick and refused to eat... We gave him nutrigel... He got better.

here's a thread on the benefits of pumpkin for cats with diahrrhea...
I've never had any experience with it myself but other people have maybe you can pm them for more info?

Good Luck.
I really hope Pauie Pulls through...
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Get better soon Pauie...
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Here you go & sorry apparently I'm a little spacy today.


I wish i could tell you something that would help him get better, but I just don't know what to say. Just a little bit of info, if he is becoming dehydrated the vet will probably give him sub-q fluids. Not at all painful for the cat & really helps them stay hydrated. I've been doing it at home every other day for the past year & a half. I'm also a shelter volenteer & just as a little boost I've seen cats come back from what I thought was certain death. Keep doing what your doing & he's one lucky kitty to have a Mom who loves him so much.
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Sonia, I'm sorry I'm responding so late, but I just now read your entire thread. That poor kitty!!!! Snowball and I are sending our wishes for his quick recovery!!!

I'm not an expert on cat diseases, but have you asked your vet about the possibility of Fatty Liver Disease (Feline Hepatic Lipidosis)? There are several threads about this condition in this forum.
Here is a link to one of them.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=22626
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Hi sonia...
Just wondering how you're all doing?
I hope Pauie is better today!

You're in our thoughts...
Love & Hugs ... from Bobbie, Zooey, Mythie, The Pilot & Me
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Pauie is at the vets. He will be there for a couple of
days at the very least. The vet is very concerned and has
said that we have to prepare ourselves ( I hate hearing that )

Anyway, he is back on a drip, and if he doesn't eat, then they
will have to consider some other method of feeding. He is now
dangerously underweight.

When Pauie smelt the vet, before we got inside the building, he
suddenly found some energy, yowled his head off, shot to the back of the carrier, and started panic digging. Gosh, that was it...I was in tears. Not helpful, I know, but it's horrible to deliver him somewhere we all know he hates, and then get told yet again to prepare ourselves.

I better go, Im at work, I'll only start crying again.

Thanks everyone.
Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Hang in there ...
Em... did you ask your vet about the energy gel...

If you're in england perhaps you can find a reiki practitioner...
Animals tend to respond quite well to this sort of thing...
I can find one for you if you like

Gosh... Poor baby.
More Hugs... Hang in there.
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I have been reading this thread and hoping that there is good news. Is there an update?
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Sonia, if the vets have to consider a different method of feeding Pauie, ask them if inserting a feeding tube is a possible option. Also, something from home like a blanket or clothing that has your scent on it will help to calm Pauie if he is frightened about being at the veterinary clinic.

Please continue updating us about his condition.
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How is he today?
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We too were wondering how the cat is doing? We hope the best for him.
Jim & Barb
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Oh gosh, I read your entire thread and it had me in tears!! I am so hoping, that your Vet was able to save your little kitty. How sad that you and your kitty have had to go through all these horrible things, to get an answer to what is happening. My thoughts are really with you....
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Thank you all so much for all your advice and help.

On Saturday afternoon, the vet called and said he is alot brighter and wants desperately to come home, so that is exactly what we did.
When we got to the surgery you would have thought that they were killing him ! We could hear him meowing...he has his voice back !

Anyway, when the vet bought him down, and he caught a glimpse of us, he yowled as if he was saying " I'm here !!!! " It was so cute and I had to take a huge breath to get myself under control.

The test results are all back and all negative. The positive thing is that while he still has chronic, very watery stools, he knocked back several bowl fulls of Hill Scientific I/D diet food, whilst there. The towel we had in the carrier, they hung over the front of his pen, and then a thicker blanket over that, so while he was in darkness, he was a lot more settled, and maybe out of boredom, ate the food.

Since he has been home, we have him on a diet of chicken and I/D diet, and I hope I'm not presuming things to fast, but he actually has the tiniest bulge of a 'food bady' showing ! Can't tell you how
delighted I am !!!

When we got home, I started to read the paper, and he stepped over my hand and he curled up on the table, in my arms, and slept from 7pm to 11:40pm. I am now in so much back pain, as I didn't want to disturb him by moving, and he just didn't stop purring. I was also just pleased to be able to cradle Pauie, in a little purring curled up ball again.

He does seem a lot brighter. Although he is now crawling with fleas, but the vet said wait 10 days before treating him with Advantige, to give his body a chance to recover a little. He is so
purrey and mews a lot like a kitten if he's alone for a minute in the room.

Thank you all for the emails. I did ask about Nutrigel Yzma, but the
vet only knows of a powder and he didn't want to give it to him, as
it can irritate the bowel.

Pauie has to be kept on a pure diet of chicken and nothing else, for the time being, except that I/D diet. He only eats chicken, if he thinks he is stealing it from my plate and I'm eating at the same time ( heeheeheee...I will be living on chicken myself at this rate...at least I'll lose weight ! ), otherwise he tends to pick at the I/D food as if it's poisonous. Still, I'll live on chicken for the rest of my life it means he'll eat !

Pauie is far from being out of the woods, but at this moment in time, I think he may have the tiniest claw tip, edging towards the road to recovery. How I, or my family would have coped if we hadn't had all your support and messages of kindness, I never would have known. Thank you from the the very bottom of our hearts.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
Sonia, Pauie,
& the rest of the Harmon family Clan.

This is a picture of Pau Sau before he went to the vet. Look how skinny his back end is
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oops, here he is :
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My sick kitty again. His sides are terribley fallen in...he looks better in the photo than he actually was !
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Oh Sonia-

I am thrilled to read this! Here is hoping he continues to recover,a and you do as well, for your heart has really been through its paces lately.

Hugs ((((((((())))))))))
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I am so glad for the news - it does seem like board magic works here.

I will continue to hope for his continued recovery.

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This was when he first came home...he checked out his favourite haunts indoors...to me anyway, he looks like he's smiling !
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Just two more...am so pleased he's home !

This was taken a few minutes ago, on our stairs. He's still very thin, and you can see the shaved off bits from the drip and blood tests. He looks a lot brighter today !
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Ok, last one...can you see the tiniest bulge on his tummy, or is it just me ??? Thanks for putting up with my piccie postings !!!
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Thank goodness things seem to be taking a turn for the better with Pauie, Sonia.

I'm so glad he's home and feeling better. Keep a close eye on him, and thanks very much for keeping us updated, let us know how he progresses.
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AAAWWWW!!! I am SO happy to hear that he has improved, and hope you see big improvement EVERY day now!! I know, when my little Missy kitty was very sick, the Vet told me to give her poached chicken. Sooooooo....little Miss Missy decided SHE was NOT going to eat CATFOOD anymore!!!
--Which eventually she DID!! But she was not so very happy, but is FINALLY used to her kitty food again!
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