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cat groomers

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Cinnamon, our long haired female has a problem with hairballs, even though she is on hairball control dry food.
I'd like to get her a lion-cut haircut, but have no idea where to take her. Are PetsMart & Petco reputable? I am worried about how stressed she might become. Will they allow me to be there when it is done? They wont give her a shampoo will they?
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I dunno much about grooming but I dont know if I'd take my cat to Petco Lots of kids that work there in my experience. I would feel safer at the vet's I think (If they do that) or an actual cat groomer.
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If you do take her to a PetSmart or PetCo, or any non-vet groomer, make sure she's up to date on her vaccinations.
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Oh, and if you do get her a lion cut, post a picture if you could. My Dottie gets terrible mats on her right side because that's the side she always sleeps on. I brush her every day, but somehow she always manages to get matted. I just hate that. I can only imagine that after awhile, those mats get so tight it's got to pull on her skin. I've thought about getting her a lion cut, but not sure how she'd look.
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I would love to get Tillie a lion cut, but she gets hysterical even if she's just getting brushed. It would have to be the vet who did the cut, not a groomer, as she would likely have to be sedated for it.
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Well, the vet gave me a quote of something like $79, but that included sedation, which I am not to keen on. I might call the vet's office and see if they can give me some references. I emailed one mobile groomer and they charge $65, and that includes anal glands expressed, toenail trim, etc.
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Man, that's one dedicated groomer if they're going to express the cat's anal sacs!
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The groomers at Petco have to get certified and sign a two year contract to get the training. They are real groomers and some just will not do cats. If a cat is too fearful to be groomed the vet can give you a pill to give the cat an hour before the appointment. Most groomers won't mind if you stay and watch the grooming procedure, if they do go some where else. What could they object to other than they may be doing something you wouldn't approve of. Groomers don't have to wash the cat to cut the fur. That is usually done before a bath anyway. Many good groomers will express the anal sacs for their clients. A lion cut without a bath runs $35 to $45.
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I just dont know which is best: take her to petco or petsmart, where I can watch them with her, or have the mobile groomer come to my house? I called PetsMart & they charge $45, which includes the bath. She said they do not have to give her a bath. She said there was one that was brought in yesterday who didnt like baths, but they gave her one. I asked how they did that, and she said she held the cat, while someone else sprayed them both I asked if she got scratched or anything, and she said no. I told her that was my main concern, and she said they also use the sling or something like that. The girl I talked to was the only one there who did grooming on cats.
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Since looking at the links provided by Shell, I don't think I'll get Dottie a lion cut. I'm sorry, but those poor kitties look embarrased.
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I'd like to speak AS a cat groomer.
1st........we do NOT allow the owner to stay. And it has nothing to do with mistreatment of the animals. Animals are simply NOT as well behaved with the owner present, whether you care to believe that or not. And the presence of ANY owner will upset ALL the other animals being groomed at that time.
2nd........since I do not work at a vet's, we CANNOT sedate any animal. IF it is apparent that the cat (or dog) needs tranquilization, we tell the owner and they can chose to have their vet prescibe something or they can go elsewhere. (This only occurs about 2 % of the pets)
3rd.........the cat will most likely get a shampoo. It is NOT harmful to the cat in any way, but you will NOT get a nice looking end product without a bath. And since you will probably be paying $50 plus you might as well have the cat looking good.
4th..........The Petco in your area may or may not have "good" groomers. But then the private shops may or may not have "good" groomers. Try to get recommendations from pet owners. A LOT of groomers will not do cats. Grooming cats is DIFFICULT. And it is an acquired skill. NOT the same as doing a dog.

with that said.......I LOVE to do cats and I think a lion clip would do your cat a world of good. I have a shorthaired cat who is prone to hairballs, and has been SO good since I have been shavng him.
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Cinnamon goes in on Friday, Aug 8th to get her haircut. This place is next door to a vet, who recommended them. And, they told me if they cannot groom her, then I can pick her up. They charge between $35-$45 depending on how Cinnamon's attitude is, lol. And, she doesnt get bathed. She goes at 8am, and I pick her up an hour later. The good thing is I am right down the street.
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I bathe my cats all the time! It isn't as hard as it may seem as long as you get everything ready ahead of time. Cats hate running water so I will fill both sides of the sink with water before I start. I mix the shampoo and water into a squeeze bottle to apply it. On one side of the kitchen sink I soap and the other I rinse, I wait until I have as much soap out of the fur as possible before turning the water on for the final rinse.

Make sure the towels are not too close to the sink or the cat will drag then in. Trim nails before you start.
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The bathing of a cat is not overly difficult. And I've bathed a LOT of cats, and very few are traumatized.
It is the clipping of the hair that is hard, especially for one person. PLEASE do not try this yourself as even experienced groomers with many years of experience can cut a cat's extremely thin skin.
This is not meant to scare you away from professianal groming, but I hope it keeps you from trying to shave her yourself.
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How do they act while they are getting groomed? See my edited post
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Cat's attitude vary greatly. I have heard many times from the owners that cannot believe that she/he was well behaved. On the other hand, some are wiggly, some require a muzzle but are good otherwise, Most do not enjoy being on their backs, but when the groomers work in pairs (we always do for cats) one holds and tries to give the cat the most comfortable position while the other clips.
It is good that you live close. And having a vet nearby is a comfort.(but in 18 years of grooming I have probably only been witness to about 8 animals, mostly dogs, that required a vet's care due to a grooming related problem.)
We have sent a few cats away over the years that were too upset or difficult, and this is for the good of the cat as well as the groomer.
Try not too worry too much.
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