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new kitty

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I've posted once before with a question from a friend, and the response was so helpful, I decided to pose a question of my own. A few months ago, I got a new kitten. He is now 4 months old. I have a dog (1.5 yrs) and a cat(4 yrs.) already. I was careful to introduce everyone, and gave everyone separate spaces for a while. Everyone seemed to be getting along fine. My older cat, Jasper, never had a problem with the kittten(Yeti). He would sniff him, check him out, then go about his business. After a little while, he would play a little with Yeti. As time goes by however, Jasper is becoming annoyed with him. Yeti wants to play all the time, and Jasper now hisses and walks away. He doesnt fight with him, or act too aggressive, besides a hiss. But I feel bad for Jasper, because he can hardly walk through the house without getting a kitty ambush! I can tell that he gets very annoyed. I am hoping that as Yeti gets older and calms down some, it wont be so bad. Is there anything I can do to get him to leave Jasper alone? What is the best way to facilitate these guys? By the way, the dog, Kaya gets along wonderfully with Yeti. He is a big Shepard/Husky dog and plays so gently with Yeti-it is so cute to watch. They are great buddies.
Thanks! Tate
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I am afraid that this will likely continue until the baby grows up a bit more. One way to divert Yeti's energy is to adopt another kitten of similar age! The two kittens will play with each other rather than constantly ambusing Jasper. If a second kitten is out of the question, try getting lots of interactive toys to distract Yeti (love his name, by the way). Also, a good cat tree or cat jungle gym will keep Yeti occupied because he can run and climb and have a grand old time with it instead of with Jasper.

Overall, the more things you can find to help Yeti burn off energy, the better it will be for Jasper. However, Jasper seems to be a patient (though tiring) soul, so given time, I am sure that all will be okay!
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