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Hello There

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I'm glad to come to this forum. So far everyone has been sooo helpful. Thanks so much.

Anyway, I'm Anna. I live near Chicago, Illinois. I have one cat Polly. She's a dometic short haired Calico and looks like this

She's the sweetest little cat and keeps this little guy in line

Polly may be pregnant :angel2: and I'll definately keep updates on her and possibly some kittens? I hope.

Well, It's nice being here everyone seems so sweet and helpful!
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Welcome to the boards. Yor pets are sooooo cute!
I have a friend here in Belfast I call Anniebananie!
enjoy the site
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lol making me feel sooo welcome. I'm glad you like my pets thanks for the welcome!
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Welcome to the site Anna! I'm glad you've found it helpful so far. I've learned so much in my time here, it's really amazing how many knowledgable people we have here.

Polly looks like a real sweetie, and your pup is just adorable too! I think every person with a mixed family (dog & cat) has said that without a doubt the cats rule the house.
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I'm so glad to hear you've learned so much because that's what I'm looking for in a forum. To learn alot about a subject I like I'm glad I'm getting good feedback here. The forums are very welcoming! Thanks you for the warm welcome!
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Welcome. I have 3 cats and a dog. I'd have to say that my cats, do INDEED rule the house.
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Welcome Anna!

I think Polly & your dog are gorgeous, what is your pooch's name?

Have fun here and I'm glad you are feeling welcome, TCS rocks and I hope you stay!
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Hi AnnaBannana,

I know someone else on line with that nickname!

I am glad that you like the website. I have also found it to be very interesting and supportive. Polly is gorgeous and so is your pooch!
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Welcome! Those pictures are cute, I hope we get to see more pictures soon
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Once again, thanks for the warmest of warm welcomes to the site!

My pups name is Austin He's quite a charater. Like I said Polly keeps him in line.
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Welcome aboard.....great pictures.....show us more
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WELCOME!!! enjoy your time here, its so much fun
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hey there! thanks for the welcomes. I see the forum is fun Can't wait to meet some new people on here.
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Cute family you have there! Like your screen name too! I have a friend at work I call Annie Bananie
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