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Pregnant or not?

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My cat, a strictly indoor cat, never expressed intrest into going outside but between June 15-18th she got out side. Then around the 21st or so at 3 a.m. I hear her moaning and hissing, I looked outside to see her on her back and, what I pressume to be a male cat, over her. She dissappeared serveral times that morning but eventually we got her in.

Her appetite soared, she became less active, and more loving. Her belly has swollen also and when we touch her belly she bites us (something she has never done) but, her nipples haven't become any pinker then they already were. We don't if this male had been successful in mating with her or if she came in contact with any other males so, therefore we don't know if she's pregnant. Plus, I was thinking she's too old to be pregnant, she's around 6 years old.

So, I was just wondering,

(A) Does this sound to you guys like she's pregnant?
(B) If so, given the month or so since this has happend, how much longer till the kittens arrive?

She's a first time mother and has never been out a day in her life besides the day we brought her home. Just to let you guys have some more information on her
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I would say depending on her age that she is pregnant, and I would also take her to the vet for he can confirm or deny the pregnancy. The pregnancy lasts from between 63-65 days.
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I would take her to the vet and have it confirmed. Some people would recomend having her fixed now, I did that once with a stray, or you can let her have the kittens and then have her fixed once she is done nursing. but make sure to get her fixed...cats do crazy things when they are in heat Good luck
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ALrighty then, thanks for your help. I was planning on letting her have her kittens. I want to keep atleast one depending on the situation. But, there is no doubt in my mind we'll get her fixed after the kittens (if there are any) are born and done nursing. Thanks again
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does her tummy feel hard at all? First thing I noticed with snowwhite was that her tummy felt kinda hard. She is a feral kitty so I didn't really she her everyday. But we hard lound meowing and hissing one night and then about 5 weeks later she looked very pregant. She had the three white kittens in my siggie we caught her before she had them. We are keeping the babies and getting her fixed. She kind of likes it inside now so she might be staying in as well.
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yes, her tummy does feel hard. This is what it looks like too..

Those were taken about 5 minutes ago. She's also changed where she is laying and how she is laying also. There she is laying on a a hard trunk in the corner of a bedroom next to a bed, kind of secreet from everyone else.
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awww she is so pretty yep she kinda looks pregant to me. Poor girl hopefully she will have a nice easy deleaver. Best bet would be to get her to the vet asap that way you can make sure that she will be okay. Also if she isn't eating kitten food, after the vet confirms she is pregant switch her over to that.
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Thanks She's my baby. Thanks for all your help you've been really great! I hope she has an easy delivery, too She's quite tiny for a female cat. She normally weighs about 5 pounds. Now her little belly is all puffy. Thanks though, I'm going to get her into the vet probably by Wednesday.

btw, you're cats are absolutely darling. I was showing someone I know your little white kitties. I've always wanted a white one
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OH YEAH she's pregnant!!! You're going to be a grandma!!!

Here's a link that'll help you with her delivery and everything: http://www.cfainc.org/health/reproduction4.html

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If she isn't up to date on her shots I would have her tested for contagious diseases like feline lukemia and any others they may want to check. She cannot have her shots while preggers though.

I would also get a few lessons in caring for newborn kittens just in case... If you have all the supplies and information on hand, you won't have to wory that things will turn out badly!
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Alright, thanks guys. I will look into the delivery and such. I am more than excited about these kittens and the last thing I would want to happen to the babies and their mother is something bad. I'll definately keep updates here so I won't be taking up a whole other subject. I guess I should be expecting the kittens around late August/Early September. I wish it could be early August though, I tend to get really busy around the end of August and will not be home from around 7 a.m.-4 p.m. So, I could well miss the delivery! Which is not good. I want to be there when they're born because I've never seen a live birth of kittens But, like I said I'll learn about after birth care and delivery. Any other good links.. feel free to share
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Many cats have kittens in the middle of the night! Thought you should be warned!
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I know, that's why I've missed all the other births of kittens had by our previous cat

I made Polly a birthing bed. Do you think it's too ealry? I put it in the corner of my room as far away from the door as it could get. I'm also planning on putting the baby gate back up so, my pup can't get in there. He wouldn't hurt the kittens but he'd definately scare Polly and the kittens. I placed some of our old couch pillows into a cardboard box then, I placed some clean old towels over the pillows. I was also wondering if I should place something with my scent on it so she feels more homey in there. She loves sleeping on my bed or on a pile of my dirty clothes. Polly seems to like it so far.

I took some pictures a few minutes ago of the bed.. and they look like this..

It looks pretty comfy lol I wish my bed were that soft!
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Took some more pictures of Polly, does this seems to be more proof that she's pregnant?

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No more opinions??
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