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101 Things To Brighten Your Day

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In keeping with these sunshine threads (Natural Highs, Small Things, etc)
let's see if we can come up with 101 things that brighten our days, everyday

I saw this at another site I visit and I thought you folks would have no problems seeing this list through,
so, post as many at once as you like, or can think of

Okay, I'll start:

1) hearing my cats purrrr
2) hearing my favourite song at the exact right moment
3) the first cup of coffee
4) getting a nice email from a good friend
5) hearing about a good friends good fortune

Okay, so, continue on from #5
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#5. Finding something on "sale" that you had been putting off buying because of the price.

#6. A letter from your bank listing an error(they made) in your favor.

#7. Learning that a good friend, who has been battling cancer, is now in remission!

#8. Learning that, no matter what happens, you will be allowed to stay with ALL of your cats.

#9. Seeing signs that blue's mood is lifting. . . . .
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first off, let me just say, Darlene, that was very sweet, and i appreciate it

10) a good thunderstorm
11) paying off a debt!
12) rain on a sunshiny day
13) a good conversation with good company
14) a good meal
15) a strangers smile

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16) finding money in clothes that you didnt know you had :tounge2:
17) makeovers
18) long telephone calls
19) incense & hot baths
20) finishing or starting a good book

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21) seeing a matinee
22) ice cream floats
23) a good long cry
24) a kiss from your cat
25) clean warm sheets

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#26. Anything CHOCOLATE!!!!

#27. Watching a "Favorite Movie" again.

#28. Remembering all the words to "American Pie".(the song NOT the movie)

#29. Stepping on the scales and being "Pleasantly" surprised!!!!(on the < side)

#30. Knowing that someone else will join this thread and Blue and I will not have to come up with all 101 ourselves. . . .
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#31) getting an unexpected compliment

#32) making a new friend

#33) watching 'Sex in the City' (whoelse thinks this show is hysterical?!?!)

#34) touching someone elses life in a positive way

#35) waking up & being happy to be alive
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AP... I LOVE sex in the city!!!

#36 An unexpected kiss from the hubby
#37 Finally squeezing into the size you have been trying desperately to get back into!
#38 Feeling loved by the catsite friends!
#39 Having hubby offer to take you out, instead of cooking!
#40 Having your cat rub against you and nuzzle you oh so sweetly.
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#41) When your man tells you that all the men stare at you when you are out and you never even noticed. #42) A candlelight bath w/ kenny G in background.#43) When your cat cries until noone else holds him but you. #44) When you can leave work knowing you worked really hard and now you have extra spending money. #45) Hearing those rescue stories & knowing the animal has a good home.
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Hmmm let me see...
46. Visiting The Cat Site
47. Watching my cat sleeping
48. Sitting by the window and watching the woodpecker that lives in the poplar opposite my flat
49. Hearing I love you from my boyfriend
50. Having a great big salad and a nice cold beer in the evening when you feel knackered after a hard day
51. Being alone from time to time
52. Pressing my head against my cat's side so that I can feel his warmth and hear his heart beating
53. Watching the clouds moving in the sky
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I also LOVE Sex & The City

54) reaching 1000 posts here at TheCatSite :tounge2:
55) the DailyCatToon
56) AOL Instant Messages
57) new smilies
58) a new 'look' (i am dying my hair today! woooooohoooooo)
59) feeling good upon waking
60) writing a good piece, or, something you are proud of to have written

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Blue!!!! sex in the City is the BEST!!! Gotta luv that HBO!!!
Billie....your post once again has deeply touched my heart! You are such a beautiful person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh Debby
Wish we could meet dearest!
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#61 — Seeing a photograph of Blue with her pink hair!

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OOOH is this true Mr.Cat??????
I'm positive she looks gorgeous with it!!!!! And may I add
62. Dying your hair can also be fun!
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pink hair, Mr.Cat?!!! where on earth did you get the idea?!

actually it's either going to be blond with blue streaks, or brown/blond with blue
streaks through it... i cant decide.

right now it's blond though


what a sweet thing to say you are always so kind
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Blue when I was a bit younger I used to dye my hair every once in a while and it was great fun. Now I took to dying it a colour called aubergine or wild cherry (depending on the brand of dye).
Sweetie I can't wait to see pics of you with the new hair. I'm sure you'll be gorgeous. I was also thinking of adding a few reddish streaks to mine but it's too curly and I'm not sure if it will look good.
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i, too, used to dye my hair all the time, every colour under the sun except pink, orange and black.

i always loved blue though

i say, go for it, streaks are streaks, they are only meant to highlight your hair,
and add 'flair' right? so, go for it! i'm sure you are stunning!

curly hair or not, i dont think it will matter, it definitley wouldnt look bad,
i'm sure of that. my mother streaks her hair and her hair is an unruly mess of curls!

when do we get to see a picture of you anyway?!

when my hair is done i'll see about getting some pictures taken, oh how i wish i had
a digital camera *sigh*
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Psst! I was just kidding about Blue's hair. Shh.


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62) spending hours in a library
63) photographing your cats, or loved ones
64) learning a new skill, like pottery or sewing
65) tea with my grandma
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66) Hubby's good night kiss (haven't missed a night yet )

67) a brisk walk with my dog very early in the morning in the fields behind our house

68) Getting new books from Amazon by mail

And I also love Sex and The City!
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69. Sitting in a shadow by a fountain in a warm summer day listening to nice music (Hey that's what I did today for a while)
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70) excitement!

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71) Hearing from a old friend you thought you lost touch with.
72) Sleeping late in the morning and being "sandwiched" by your cats.
73) Having your husband call just to say "I love You"
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74. Finding a tiny tomato on my tomato plamts
75. Coming into the room and finding my boyfriend clipping the girls' claws.
76. Having a "symptom free" day

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1.Taking a cold shower on a hot day.
2.Having people help you when you most need it.
3.Waking up in the morning with the cat on my chest and licking my face.
4.My cup of coffee.
5.A good cold beer.
6.A smile from a stranger.
7.Waking up in the morning and find the sun shining in your face.
8. Go swimming on a lake or stream.
9. Having my boyfriend and my children say I love you.
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86) feeling the sunshine on your skin
87) talking to friends on the phone
88) sharing a story
89) laughing out loud
90) taking control of you life
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91) finishing a beautiful, inspiring book
92) beginning a friendship with a beautiful person
93) remembering the important things in life
94) smiling
95) sharing a hug with a loved one

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96) Learning that your kitten has outgrown her heart murmur!

97) Turning in your notice for a job you hate.
98) Air conditioning
99) Finally trapping the cat you have been trying to rescue for weeks.
100) How quiet and perfect the world is after a big snow.
101) Family

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102) having a serious problem at work and being able to go home at night and know you have sorted it out.
103) getting a huge fat commission cheque every 3 months knowing I can go on a major shopping spree
104) waking up with my babiess curled around my head and on my chest
105) going to the beach on a warn day and swimming in the cool ocean
106) horse riding alone to think about stuff or just to ride for hours thinking about nothing

I have loads more but I won't bore you with them :tounge2:
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