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Cat locked in shed for 2 weeks

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My cat, Freckles, came up missing 2 weeks ago this Sunday. 2 days after she went missing I found a dead cat in my yard and I thought it was Freckles (please understand that the buzzards had already gotten the cat and tore it apart, the fur color was the same as my cat's so I assumed I was picking up the pieces of my Freckles). Anyway, I kept hearing my Freckles calling me, my family thought I was crazy. Today I heard her again so I called out and starting walking to the back corner of my yard (I have a very large yard). When I got back there I realized the crying was coming from my neighbors shed so I climbed over the fence and opened their shed. I expected to find a trapped cat but never dreamed I'd find my Freckles (who I buried last week).

So, I now have my beautiful Freckles back but I have no idea if she had any food or water for almost 2 weeks. She seems to have lost 1/2 her body weight. I brought her inside and gave her food and water, she was very hungry and thirsty. For the past 7 1/2 hours since I found her she has been sleeping on the couch, she gets up about every 1/2 hour to an hour and eats and drinks some and then goes back to the couch to sleep. I checked her just a little while ago and she seems to be a little dehydrated (I didn't think to check when I found her because I was flipping out because I found her).

Ok, so what I'm hoping to find out is if there could be any problems caused by this that I should watch for or take her to the vet to be checked for. She seemed weak but she was running around after I found her. It has rained several times in the last 2 weeks and the shed is older so it's possible she got water from a leak, but there's no way she got any food.
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Can you call an e-vet for advice this evening? Is your regular vet open on Saturday - if so, I'd be at the door step first thing. If your regular vet is not available til Monday, I'd definitely call the e-vet for advice on the next needed step - if Freckles needs to be seen tomorrow.

I can well imagine you were flipping when you found your baby - and I pray that some sleep, food and water will restore her to full health. But I think I'd want a vet check ASAP, just for my own piece of mind.
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Oh my goodness! That is awesome that you got her, and poor kitty too! That is an amazing story!
Is she an inside/outside kitty, or inside only? if inside/outside, can she be kept inside only from now on?
Yes, she should really be taken to the vet ASAP...
A cat who goes without eating for 4-5 days is under serious risks of developing liver damage, more specifically fatty liver disease, or Hepatic Lipidosis... She went without food for 2-3x as long, so she is in very serious risks for HL. Luckily it seems she has an appetite, and that is very very important...
Take a look at her eyes, ears and gums - are they yellowish?
Hopefully she will be ok... Make sure to request a full blood panel from the vet, just to be on the safe side. For now, since it is the weekend, I would take her to the ER vet to make sure she is ok before even taking her to the regular vet. She probably needs some fluids into her and emergency help.
I am glad she is back with you, and SO glad you followed your instincts and went looking for her!
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To make a long story short, 2 weeks ago (as of this Sunday) my cat went missing. I found her today locked in my neighbors shed. She seems to have lost 1/2 her body weight. She is weak but doesn't seem to be excessively weak. I brought her in, gave her food and water. I checked her a little while ago and she is dehydrated but not too bad.

Is there anything I need to watch her for or take to the vet to be checked for?
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Take her to the nearest ER vet Now....
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My regular vet will be open tomorrow. She is an inside/outside cat and right now she's inside with no interest to go out, and I think inside is where she will be staying. Her ears and gums are lighter pink then normal but not white or yellowish. She is very happy to be home and I'm just over the moon to have her back. I am worried about any problems her misadventure may have caused her so she will go see the vet first thing in the morning.
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I'm guessing she either wasn't in the shed the entire 2 weeks, or else there were some mice or something in there, because I'm not sure a cat can go that long without food. Definitely no mammal can go that long without water. . .but as you said, there may have been some rain available. At any rate, I'm sure you're glad to have her back, and she's glad to be home! Let us know what the vet says.
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After looking up Hepatic Lipidosis it seems I'm already off to a good start with her. It says the main treatment is to feed several small feedings daily. Basically getting enough nutrients into her to help flush out the toxins in the liver. I can't say that she definatly didn't manage to get any food (bugs and etc). But I definitely will feel much better with a vet consult, a good check up, and bloodwork.
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If she has hepatic lipidosis, she won't eat at all because essentially her body is feasting on itself. If she is eating that is a really good sign. She probably was able to eat bugs, mice etc- my concern is what is in that shed? Anything bad for her that she might eat just because she is hungry? Is she current on her vaccinations? especially rabies. Push fluids on her, tuna juice, watered down milk anything liquid will help her dehydration. I would bathe her and then get her dry then flea treat her with advantage or frontline that you get from your vet. Buying this stuff anywhere else is quite dangerous.

Call your vet and let him or her know what happened and they will advise from there-

good luck
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Just hoping to hear that you're getting continued good news - wouldn't that be the best Christmas gift ever!
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Did you have the vet check her liver and kidneys for damage? I hope there's none.

I actually think that putting a pesticide that must be cleared out by the liver on a cat that could potentially have liver damage is a terrible idea. Thats the sort of thing that leads to ODs. So make sure her body can handle it before you attempt dosing her.

I'm glad you have her back. There was another member here that was sure her cat was dead, too, when she finally made her way back home.
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I'm so glad you got your cat back. You must have been surprised! Have the vet check her out to make sure she's ok.
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I'm so glad you found you baby! Hope she gets a good check-up by your Vet, and from what you describe, I don't think she's got Hepatic Lipidosis. I had a cat with that once, and they definitely don't want to eat anything. You've got to force feed them, so sounds like you're ok there .
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Called the vet this morning and they said to just keep an eye on her for right now, she'll go in for bloodwork next week. Her eating and drinking is very good and she seems to be doing fine. She's alert and she's moving around alot more after a good nights sleep. She used to stay out most of the day, coming in a few times to eat. She doesn't use a litter box so she still needs to go out to potty but she wants someone to go with her and she keeps an eye on them to make sure she isn't left outside by herself. Considering that I thought I had lost her I am very happy to babysit her while she goes out to potty.

All shots are up to date. I have no idea what is in that shed. Honestly, it looked like a junk yard when I opened the door. I could barely squeeze in.

This is my Freckles
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Just so you can see how spoiled she is. These are from before her misadventure.
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You can't teach her to use a box? Wouldn't want her to go through that ordeal again!

I'm very happy you found her. I would be beside myself if something happened to my Parker-boo. Freckles is a beautiful girl! She has one of those kissable faces.
Wishing Freckles a speedy recovery.
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I've read with some cats that are used to go outside, get a box and put mostly the outside material (dirt) and some litter in - and gradually increase the litter. In this case, I'd also suggest trying another, separate box with Cat Attract litter. In any event, she may like having two boxes if she does decide inside is good.

You must be feeling so relieved and what a wonderful holiday gift for you - and can you imagine how happy your cat was to hear her mommy coming for her?
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She's gorgeous! I'm so glad you have her back! Did you get to the vet yet? What did s/he say? How's she doing this morning?

If you're having problems with her using a litter box, you can set one in every room and fill with dirt. In a week, use 75% dirt, 25% unscented litter (not very fine), then the following week, go to 50%-50% and so on until you're using 100% litter.
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What a pretty colored kitty she is!
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I do have litter boxes inside. I think I will try using dirt in one for her. Right now when it's time to go potty she has us go out with her (it's about a 30 minute outside visit). She walks around for a while then goes potty. When she's finished she takes off running across the yard and then comes back to me. The little turd had me up and outside at 3:00 am this morning in the rain.

I can just imagine how she felt when she knew I was coming for her. In May 2009 she fell out of a tree and broke her pelvic bone in 3 places. She spent a week at the vets and then the next 2 weeks being waited on hand and foot. She didn't have to move to get food or water because every hour we went and slid it to her. when she was able to get up and start walking I got the pet steps so she could get on and off of my bed without jumping. She has always been spoiled and babied. She just likes to go outside so much that I hate to keep her locked up. After Christmas I am going to build an outdoor enclosure for her. I have a huge yard so I can make one large enough for her to run and play.
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That sounds like a great idea. At least that way you'll know she can get her beloved fresh air and not worry about her getting hurt or lost. (Again). Don't feel too badly about keeping her inside if it comes down to it. They do adjust. Sami was an indoor/outdoor cat for about 15 years (Plus she was feral for the first year of her life). When we moved into the apartment, that freedom was lost. She was upset for a week or two and tried to dig her way out of the windows but we showed her she can still have fun inside and soon she was fine. They do have a way of making us feel guilty though, eh?
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I'm so glad you got your kitty back! What an emotional roller coaster that must have been for you! I can't imagine. I'm so glad she's doing well. It does sound like you did the exact right thing by feeding her smaller meals every few hours. Your kitty is lucky to have you for a mommy! Hope she continues to gain weight and gets back to her normal self!
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Freckles vet visit went great. They did the bloodwork and checked her and she is fine. She is getting back to her mean little self again. She has always been a little bully. Even as a tiny kitten she would stand on her back legs, run across the floor, and smack the dogs in the nose with her claws. Poor dogs would yipe and run (my dogs are medium-large sized). It took alot of time to get that stopped but she's not so bad now. The dogs know not to mess with her. I just adore her.
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It's great to hear she's fine!
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