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I hate shaving too. Lately I've been using Nair. It stinks, it gives the inside of my arms a rash (just from the contact of putting the stuff on my legs that is), and it's sort of messy, but it is quicker and easier than shaving.

I've used wax, and it doesn't bother me as far as pain goes, but it takes a long time, and I can usually only stand to do a few strips on my legs before I get bored with it and give up. But those hairless strips stay hairless for months. If I could afford to have my legs done prfessionally, I would. And Nads is just about the same as wax--don't let those informercials fool you.

Electric razors just don't give a close enough shave, and those things that PULL the hair out are SO PAINFUL! Way more so than waxing since they pull out a few hairs at a time.
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Come on Illusion it's not that bad dearest, I've been doing it for years.
I often think though that we women are crazy to put ourselves to such extremes. And they say scientists are good - give me a scientist that can think of a CHEAP, PERMANENT, PAINLESS hair removing without any side effects!!! I'll be the first one to volunteer :LOL:
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Not sure if anyone has posted on it, but there is some spray-on stuff and you just wipe the hair off! I am not sure of the name though!
Also, I noticed in Glamour magazine, Jergens has a new lotion out!! It says with the continuous use of the lotion, with shaving, of course, the hair grows back finer and less visible. Eventually, you don't have to use the razor as much! I am going to buy it this weekend, I think. I absolutely hate shaving!
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come on guys! we can't let the shaving thread die!

Where's Deb25?!?
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tigger...I also saw that add for the Jergens lotion, and wondered how it would work, if at all. Let me know if it works!!!!!!!!!
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Between this and the bbq sauce thread, I think I am finally tapped out on this subject.

It is refreshing to know that this problem plagues all you beauty queens out there just as much as it does little ol' casual me.

The next "off limits" topic of discussion will be bathing suits. Either that or "feminine protection".
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Hi, everyone...just my two cents worth, but I hate shaving TOO...I don't do it in the winter..just in the summer. I use a generic hand shaver I got with a coupon..the big thing though is that I use "Gillette's Satin Care--Sensitive Skin" it really makes the difference..I haven't cut myself in a long time since using this product...
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Ooooh.... hair removal - I just found this thread and I have a lot to say {clears throat}

I have tried everything. Wax, nads-like-stuff, shaving, creams and the machines and electric epilation (for the face). And the verdict is: All methods that don't take out the hair by the root (shaving and creams) are painless but the hair grows back within days and with extra strength and vigor. All methods that do take out the hair by the root are painful (at least to some extent) but the hair takes several weeks to grow back and usually grows back finer.

All methods are a hassle (for me at least). The machine would get my vote as the best and most effective, easiest to use and less painful than wax but they take a long time to use (I have very long legs and when hair removal is the issue it's a big minus).

My plan is to try the new lazer epilation or light epilation (http://www.in-lighten.com/). I was going to do it for this summer but they won't treat pregnant women so if all goes well, I plab to book an appointment for after the pregnancy's over. It takes a few months to finish all the treatments (bi-monthly sessions spaced over 5-6 months). It is expenve but it's supposed to rid you of the hair for life!

By the way, for the face (upper lip) I'm having regular electric epilation. I've started a year ago, after years of waxing and I'm nearly finished. I now need to go once every 2 months and soon will have it all done.

Long story huh? No rest for the wicked...
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Ok...guess the rest of the guys are too wary(read chicken) to venture here. What the hey..I can outrun most of you....

Deb,you commented on guys with whiskers...remember a few years back..Don Johnston on Miami Vice? All you girls were swooning over him and he looked like a skid row bum.Lots of the heartthrobs look like they just came off a trek thru the woods.

As for why we prefer smooth legs...rug burn rashes on the ribcage hurt like the dickens... Hard to explain away and look innocent too.

Scuse me gotta run... :foot:
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but what if I promise to not wrap my legs around anyones waist? :daisy:
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Air...heard that one before...besides neck rashes are worse.
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I'm done. I can't even go there
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I bought the Jergen's stuff this weekend.... so far I like it. Keeps my legs nice and moisturized. It says it takes 8 weeks for the shaving part to take effect, but I am not sure. I shaved on Thursday, and that is when I bought the stuff. I put it on that day and on Friday, and kind of notice a difference But, that could be me :tounge2:

Oh, and the site for that spray-on stuff is http://www.igia.com There is another part that you click on, and it takes you to that stuff. It is 29.95, which isn't bad. You get other stuff with it.
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