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O.K. Ladies

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now that it's officially Summer, i have to start considering these legs of mine

now, i hate, absolutely HATE shaving my legs, i am so clumsy and i always cut
myself in a thousand places, probaly because my hands are so darn shaky (see Coffee thread)

so, what about Wax? it scares the s**t outta me, but, shaving seems pointless,
so, how painful is it? and what kind do you use? if anyone out there actually uses it and has the tolerance for it

help a girl out!
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Hey Girl!!
Common problem here!!! I personally use a Brown hair remover (it's a machine, oh gosh my english fails me here). It's perfect for the thing, it lasts long and is not really painful just a little giggly.
Why not try one of these???
Well, teh only disadvantage is that it really takes your time the first time but once you start doing it it's getting easier.
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is that a wax, Billie? i have not heard of it here in Canada...

i am going to the store later to check out what they have, anything that lasts longer then
shaving, and doesnt hurt too much (i'm a big baby) will work just fine ...and what about that darn bikini line? is it safe to use a Wax there? i dont have a clue!
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I hate shaving my legs too. I don't do it in the winter because my legs are always covered and they get VERY dry and scaly. I bought a product called "Nads" which is an all natural hair removal system. Similar to waxing but not as painful. Check out this link and it'll explain it.


AP has also used it.

Good luck!


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right, someone was talking about 'Nads' at another site i visit, that name cracks me up though

i wonder if i can get that in Canada, i cannot order anything as i dont have a
Credit Card, and dont exactly want one - i would be in debt in two seconds flat

thanks for that link, i'll have to check it out and see if i can find that in Canada.

(i dont shave my legs in the Winter either, just under the ole arms)

i never even used to shave at all, Summer or not, but, lately i have become a little more
feminine and girly
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it doesnt look like they do International Shipping... it sounds like a great product too

what's a girl to do?!
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Being a Florida girl in the land of eternal summer, shaving is part of the daily ritual. I put it in the category of "you never know when you might need to be presentable".

As far as shaving goes, I recently bought this razor called Venus 3, by Gillette, I think. The thing is a dynamo!

As far as the whole bikini line issue is concerned, I bought this thing that is kind of like an electric razor, but it yanks the pesky little hairs out by the root. It isn't exactly what I'd call painless, but it's not too bad. Plus, there is no long-term irritation. Everything's rosy by the next day. According to the brochure, if you use the thing regularly, the damn hair is supposed to diminish over time. Jury's still out on that one.
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is it like an epilady? I'm so scared of the stuff that pulls hair out by the root. especially down THERE.
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venus 3, huh? I will have to try that! Thanks for the tip!
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You know, Donna, THERE! That's as specific as we can get.


I'm not sure if it's exactly like epilady. It's called Emjoi. I bought the thing online, somewhere. I was kind of skeptical at first, but it really is a minimum amount of pain. The thing that impresses me is that there is literally ZERO irritation, even later that same day. That was always my biggest thing with anything else. I had such major irritation with any other method that it literally wasn't worth it. I'll go and try to find the stupid thing online.
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Ok, here's a link:


It's cheaper than I remember paying. I remember when I first got it, I did a little at a time over a couple of days in the bikini line (you know, Donna, THERE), because I was nervous about it.

Now I just do the whole "deforestation" in one shot.

(Christ, if somebody told me I'd be posting this junk on the internet, I'd slap them and tell them they were nuts.)
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Yes Deb25 and AP, that's kind of machine isn't it??? That's what I use but it's Brown and it does a super job - much easier and better than anything I've tried!!!
And what's more you can use it anytime you need - you don't have to wait for them to grow just like you do with wax.
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Tee hee hee! *immature snicker* Nads!!! Did you know it comes with a video too, called "how to use Nads". I just laugh every time I see that commercial!

I shave, and am considering professional waxing for THAT AREA. I just don't think I could rip my own hair out. I could pay someone else to do it though. :laughing:
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I'm so scared of those contraptions that 'yank' the hair out. but you girls have made me feel better about it with your testimonials, so maybe I will try to screw up my courage and try it.....

i just need to dig deep and find that fortitude that makes me a homecoming queen.
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I don't know how you ever made Homecoming Queen without that drive to potentially mutilate yourself for the sake of beauty.

Seriously, this thing is not bad AT ALL! Take it from a :chicken:

One of my friends does the professional wax thing. She used to announce that she was going and start a long explanation. "Whoa! Whoa! Too much information!", I'd always tell her.

My ex-sister-in-law and I tried a homemade wax once that an Egyptian lady we knew made. It worked pretty well the first time (but painful!). We never could get the recipe right without her help.

I'll tell you, ladies, no shame going on here in this thread. We have Blue to thank for this.
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well, i'm glad to have helped you all out, but, i am still without a solution!!

it really shouldnt be this complicated
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In 3 more posts, you'll be up to 1000, and nobody will be looking at your legs, anyway!
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Hire this tiger:

Tiger Was Armed and Dangerous

On May 22, 2000 in Colorado, the Prairie Wind Animal refuge
was hosting a demonstration on how NOT to treat wild
animals when the local wildlife volunteer stuck her hand
into a Siberian tiger's cage. She began to pet the cat
that, in an apparent show of affection, began licking her
arm. Well, apparently the licking was just to measure up
how tasty this arm was going to be, because the tiger then
bit the woman's arm off. She was rushed to a local hospital
and treated for her wound. She begged that the tiger not be

How much will he charge for a couple of legs?
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well, since it has new 'pain reduction technology' how can I go wrong?!!?!?

what the hell does that mean?
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I am, for the record, LMAO!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: As was the person who wrote that copy!
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seriously though Deb, I think I'm going to do it because they promise a pleasant epilation experience.

I'm sold!
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Just for you, Colby, I broke out the doodad today and its accompanying literature to research just what meant by "pain reduction technology".

They talk about the epilation discs being made of gold, which is (and I quote directly from them) "a very forgiving metal". Well, duh, I'm a woman, I know that already. Nothing makes me forgive faster than a nice new piece of 14k jewelry.

I am at the point where I dread seeing a reply to this thread in my mailbox. My sides hurt from laughing.

My final word to you is I think you'll like it.

And to Blue, seriously, buy the Venus 3 razor. I haven't had so much as a nick yet. I think it's "spaz proof". Also, splurge the extra couple of bucks and get some good shaving cream. I recommend Gillette's Satin Care. The soap thing just doesn't cut it.

And to all of you men who can't help but pry into this thread, why is it that 2 or 3 days beard growth should be understood because that daily shaving is such a stressful experience, but let a woman have 30 minutes worth of leg stubble and it's "ew!"?
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I've been watching one of the commercials about a spray made from citrus that you can put on your underarms, legs, and for the men, on the chest. You spray it and then wipe it with a towel. I want to try it.
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Hey Deb,
I use the Venus razor.. its not totally spaz proof. I've cut myself a few times with it. However, I have never shaved without cutting myself. EVER! *sigh* I'm the worlds worst with a razor. My boyfriend is constantly saying "Honey, you should be more careful". The Venus does give the legs a really close shave and make your legs silky smooth though.

However, you may be correct Deb. Maybe it is spaz-proof. It seems that I'm the only person that can tackle the "impossible" things. My mother once had an "unbreakable bowl". Guess what? I broke it. I got my head stuck in the stairs once. It was impossible to pull it back out.. they had to cut the stairs. After they did that I tried it again..my head wouldn't even fit through to get stuck. Don't ask me how I did it. So, I guess I'm an exception to the rule! :LOL:

"Never discourage anyone...who continually makes progress, no matter how slow." --Plato
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Deb25...you are a Riot! You need to become a stand-up comedienne or a comedy writer!:laughing2 Poor Lily jumped off my lap 4 times while I was reading (and laughing at) this thread! (she returned 20 seconds later though, naturally)

Have never heard of that Emjoi contraption...gold eh? Slap a couple Diamonds on it and I'll be Forgiving too!

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This is the most interesting thread I have ever read in any forum. Kinda feels like i'm at a slumber party. :tounge2:
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Cassie....you got your head stuck in the stairs???.....and then after they cut you out you tried it again??????? Wow....you are my kind of person! :laughing:
Glad you have joined us here!
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Hey, it's good to see you back (even if it is on this thread). How's the cat bite? Did you see the doctor?
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Originally posted by Deb25

Hey, it's good to see you back (even if it is on this thread). How's the cat bite? Did you see the doctor?
Didn't see the doctor. Everything turned out o.k. Was talking to the neighbor and she told me that the same cat bit her. She went to the doctor and tested out fine. Had Tiki outside on a leash. She was sitting under a tree and he came up to her (when I was inside) and sat beside her. No aggression whatsoever. He can't be that bad if he treats Tiki well.

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