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Inflamatory Bowel Disease in cats

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I was wondering if anyone else here had a cat with IBD and what you do to control it.

Micah, my rescue fawn Aby was dumped by his breeder when he developed chronic diarreah. We've only had him since March, but it feels like he's lived in my heart forever. He's such a sweet boy.

Anyway, his vet wants to do exploratory surgery to diagnose him for certain, but I'm a little apprehensive to subject him to such evasive measures.

He is currently on Science Diet W/D (high fiber) wet and dry and I'm giving him vitamins (with fatty acids) daily. Since he's started his vitamins he's regained his color and shine and is amazingly playful. He's finally laying down, flopping, sprawling out and curling up. Before, he'd want love, but would only sit in one position...indicating an upset stomach. Poor baby.

Anyone else have any experience with IBD?

Here are a few newer pictures of my sweet Micah outside in our outdoor enclosure:

And here is one the first week he spent with us. His chest was shaved because the shelter did a lot of blood tests to find out if he was sick (you can't see it to well in this pic). Poor thing.

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You have a beautiful cat
You may be interested in joining this egroup:

You need a yahoo ID but its free...good luck.
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Thank you so much! I'm finding so much information from that link you posted.
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Im glad and your welcome.
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I found a Homeopathic Vet about an hour away from us. I think I'll call on Monday and see if they can fit us in soon.
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Micah is such a handsome boy!!!

I just rescued an Aby last month. He had some bowel problems, but they seemed to resolve pretty quickly once he was here in a stable and loving environment. He'd been living in a squalid, mold-covered basement bathroom for over 2 yrs when he was finally rescued. The previous "owner" called him Stinky. We renamed him Khepera, an Egyptian God's name, to give him more self confidence It seems to have worked!

Best of luck getting Micah back to health. Sending scritches to all your kitties!
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I had a cat that was diagnosed with IBD after an endoscopy was done She lost 4 pounds over a few months, had the runny stools and barely ate as well. It was so very sad.. we had her on predinisone and flactyl (I think, cant remember exactly what it was called) for a about two months but it didnt help. Eventually we had to put her down because she got so bad.. she stopped eating entirely and didnt have any positive reactions to the medication so the vet suspected cancer or something on top of the IBD. I dunno, I still hurt because of this.. I had wished the vet could have done more for her.

I would personally go for the exploratory surgery. If we would have done the exploratory surgery instead of the endoscopy, the vet might have been able to find the cancer (or whatever) in time to be able to treat it. I opted for the endoscopy instead because it would be less traumatic and painful for the cat. But in the end it didnt matter

Sorry to be so depressing, that was my experience with IBD though.
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I agree with sicycat...

whenever i'm deciding on what's best for my cats i always use this technique...
i consider all the options and available information, i put on my rational hat and i look into the future and ask myself:

am i going to regret not trying this option?

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We've put Micah on human grade food and in just three days, he has a ton of energy and he's doing even better! He only used the litterbox twice today...a feat in itself.

I've joined the yahoo feline IBD group and am learning about the raw diet. Its showing that IBD can actually be cured! I'm amazed.

I still need to call the homeopathic vet...just got back from San Diego, I'm a auntie now!!!
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NoahsMommy, my little Spike had an episode of diarrhea last year that lasted for about 1.5 months. Long story short, what helped clear his problem up was taking a round of antibiotics. This isn't to say it will definitely help your baby, and it might be completely wrong to treat IBD with antibiotics for all I know. (I'm not sure if that's what Spike went through or if he was just having a very bad phase with his tummy.) But I thought I'd share my experience at the least.

I'm glad Micah is doing better on the human-grade food. And I hope the homeopathic vet comes up with something that'll help the little guy.

His pictures are just too precious.
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Just got off the phone with the homeopathic vet. Micah has a 10:00 appointment on Monday morning.

Um...has anyone here spoken with someone where the converstation didn't flow?? You know what I mean...I was almost sweating after I hung up cause it was so wierd. I'm sure it'll be much better in person.
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Was he using vet words?
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Yea, he was using vets words, but I could understand him. He was just really quiet. I mean, I know I called him, but I guess I was waiting for his general "feline IBD talk".

I even asked, "Do you have any experience with feline IBD?" Luckily, that started the converstation a bit better.

I just talked to my friend and she said she went to a homeopathic doctor a few years ago for her own problems and said the doctor was the same way.

Maybe its a "peaceful californian" thing.
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My vet gave me Prozyme and Jarro-Dophilus and it worked like a charm. Stools firmed up and haven't had a problem since. Good Luck!
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Ask him about treating IBD with Psyllium added to the diet.
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Originally posted by Hell603
Ask him about treating IBD with Psyllium added to the diet.
We're strongly considering feeding Micah the raw diet, which includes psyllium powder for added fiber.

Its nice to see another person recommending it. Thank you.
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how is he doing today?
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Originally posted by sherral46
how is he doing today?
He hasn't visited the litter box nearly as much lately. So that's a good sign. He's eating his food and is really spunky today. It makes me so happy when I can tell he's feeling good.
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The brand of Psyllium I hcan highly recommend is the Footrpints brand from GNC. It comes in capsule form and is very finely ground. Just add a dropp of water/broth and it will turn into mush with very little or no grit which then can be added to most anything very easily.

You will see it will make a hugh difference for the better.

Good luck!
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I have a cat in the same situation, he's perfectly healthy except he keeps throwing up his food. I kept taking him back to the vet, they kept wanting to keep him overnight and do tests, and they kept giving him different medications, told me to change his food, said it could be gastritis, and in the end, there still is no diagnosis, they just think it could be IBD. They wanted him to stay on medication and possibly steriods for the rest of his life, I just couldn't see that happening, especially since my kitty hated taking the medicine and I never even knew if he was getting any because he kept spitting it out. So I performed a little test, since I knew the vet told me that my kitty was vomiting because of bad bacteria in his small intestines, which he said was probably causing a little gas and causing him to vomit, I decided to try a natural approach. I give him acidophilus once a day, which you can get at any drugstore for about $4, and he seems 100% better, even his eye boogers cleared up. He also doesn't even mind taking the acidophilus. I feed him Eukanuba for Sensitive Stomach and give him one acidophilus capsule a day and nothing else, no treats, no food on the countertops, I even close the bathroom doors because he likes to lick the water in the shower and sinks and he usually vomits immediately after. I keep everything away from him except his food, water and acidophilus. To administer it to him, I open up the capsule, pour the powder in a little dish and I got a dropper from the pharmacist at CVS, add a little water, mix the powder and water together and suck it up with the dropper and open up my kitty's mouth and drop it down his throat. He never trys to spit it up at all, I've never had a problem with giving him the acidophilus. I've also noticed that he poops more frequently,as he should, and it looks much more like it should, he even stopped passing kitty gas pewwww! I'm not a vet or anything but it's just a natural approach I've tried and seems to work, and since it is natural I don't see any harm in trying, especially if it's working. Good luck!
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