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Pretty kitty eyes etc.

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Hi everyone

I recall seeing Sicycat post some beautiful pictures of Zoey's eyes, so I thought I'd come and post a picture of my cat Newman's eyes (named after Paul Newman for obvious reasons!) I also wanted to post two other pictures of my kitties.

This is newman

This is my kitten Vladimir. A beautiful little tuxedo kitten.

For those of you who have read my thread about the kitten I found with a missing eye, I named him Archie because of his red hair. I hope the picture doesn't freak people out because of his missing eye, but hopefully you can all look past that and see how cute he is with his long hair! He also looks a LOT healthier and is doing very well (although he's scared of me because I'm the mean mommy who holds him down and gives him medicine!

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Awww!!! I love your babies, and no we don't freak out when we see one-eyed babies, I always find the handicapped ones tend to be most beautiful and the most loyal after they get to know after awhile. You have very sweet furbabies and they are lucky to have you as their owner!!! send us more pics, we love pics of furbabies!!
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wow newman looks more then a person that a cat! what pretty eyes!!
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and your archie is very very cute!! he looks like he is winking that is nothing to freak out about! I'm sure he is going to be alittle cuddle bug!
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I think all three of them are precious! Archie is a very hansome guy even if he is missing an one of his eyes.
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Jeez, what quick replies!

Newman does look a lot like a human - heh, Newman Human He is *SUCH* a lap kitty. I don't even think he's that way because he likes us. Only because it's his property and he will damn well sleep wherever he wants. It's funny because sometimes he can't decide what lap he wants so he'll alternate. 30 minutes on this lap, 45 on the next etc. And he meows when he sees an open lap as if to lay his claim to it. Not to mention he gets mad if you get up and you have to apologize to his scowling kitty face. Too funny

Vladimir is one of those little cuddly kitties that's always at your feet following you around. If you don't pay attention to him he starts doing his kitty chirp to get your attention until you pet him so he can reward you with lots of purring.

Archie is still rather skittish but I know in time he will come around. Before I started holding him down and shoving Clavamox down his throat he would sit by me and let me pet him while he purred but now he just runs away. Hopefully when he can smell again (he has trouble due to his URI) he will learn I'm not the enemy. I have tons of patience for my babies so I'm not worried about gaining his trust. I'll post more pictures when I take them!
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Archie will learn to trust you again.

Oscar was the same way about a month ago when he had this really bad ear infection, I had to put medicine in his ears twice a day. He got to where he would run and hide if he saw me with the bottle in my hand Now that he is well he is all over me but it took awhile.
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Those are some amazing eyes on Newman!

I just love those llllooooonnnnnggggg white whiskers on that cute little black face.

And Archie's a handsome chap too! He'll learn to trust you again, I'm sure of it.
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wow, those are very pretty eyes, and your other kitties are also pretty, no it didnt bother me about the eye, poor baby, he is still beautiful, and mean ole mommy is just doing some tuff love
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All your kitties are beautiful. Archie will come around. My cat Faile was mad at me for a day or so after she went to the vet to get spayed. She got over it. Archie will, too, he knows you rescued him, so he'll forgive you for being mean mommy.
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Beautiful furbabies!
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They are all beautiful, but I think I like Archie the best. Orangies are my favorite and Archie is just too cute. Don't worry about him not thinking you're his favorite person right now. We have a kitten and I was in the same spot you are in....but, she's come around and loves to sit next to me now. Just give him a ton of love and speak really slow and sweetly, it was amazing how quickly my Hermione turned around.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love seeing other people's furkids.
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Originally posted by Yzma
Newman has such pretty blue eyes...

You didn't name him after newman on seinfeld did you?
No, we named him after Paul Newman because of his eyes.. see here: http://mrcoward.com/slcusd/newman.jpg
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Miss, I love your Archie, that was my husbands name.

Noahsmommy: Your kitty is named after one of my favorite people. Take a look at my ID.

All the kitties are very cute tooo
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I'm a sucker for blue eyes! Lovely photos. My two babies have baby blues, but it's hard to tell cuz their eyes are always glowing in photos! How long til Archie finishes his meds? I hope soon so he can get started on making up that lovin' time!
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Newman's eyes are gorgeous!!
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