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We went to our first Cat Show today (Long)

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DragonLady and I went to our first cat show today.
We met Harrythecat there.

Funny she doesn't look like a "Harry".

We saw another non-harry:

and cats of friends we met off-line (of course we invited them to TCS):

Some nice Abys:

A great SealPoint himmy:

some cuties

and a Scottish Fold (I think I scared it)

And a Persian needing a larger bed:

All in all, it was fun.
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Sounds like you had fun! Are you are Teresa going to start showing your pretties?
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That's the plan.

We are still looking for a mentor in the Sacreamento Area to help up ease in to it.

Any s out there?
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And in the picture above- who is who?
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That would help
DragonLady is in blue and Angela is in white.
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sounds like you had a nice day, really good pictures, that poor non harry baby looks so scared, it is much bigger than most ive seen, i just figured they didnt get very big, maybe i saw young ones not full grown. good luck with your showing adventures.
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What fun! I'm pretty new to the cat show scene, but a few members of another board and I get together for the cat shows up in Pleasanton. Which cat show did you attend? Was it a TICA show? Did some of the cats seem smaller to you in "purrson" than you imagined? I know they did for me! Plus, having 3 large cats myself, I'm just not used to tiny cats! That may sound strange, but when I look at pictures of cats, like siamese, they always look big to me. Anyway, I'm glad you had fun!
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Hi Karen! Welcome to the best cat site on earth! I raise Persians and this show was in Hayward. It was a CFA show. Several of the Persians I saw there were granding! WOW they were gorgious! My kitties look so....flat compaired to them

If I can find out the secrete to "fluffy" I just may show my babies!
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It was great to meet DragonLady and family! Thanks for posting the pics of the some of the amazing show kitties! I fell in love with sooooo many cats today -- American Shorthairs, Tonkinese, Bombays, and all the gorgeous longhair persians But, I still love my Harry the best!
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Karen, I agree about the size of the cats! The only large cats at the cat show were Maine Coons! My Harry is quite a big boy, so at first I thought all the cats were just really young, but I guess they aren't small ... Harry is just unusually big!
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I love cat shows! Great pics!
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Great photos. I notice you said that the only large cats at the show were Maine Coons - weren't there any Ragdolls?
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I did see a ragdoll, but I wasn't up close to it. I just wanted to cuddle all of the cats (big and small), but of course you can't get that close. It made me ache!
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I am just curious - how big was the show you attended i.e. approximately how many cats were there? We do show in the UK - we have Raggies and I wondered if there were any other Raggie owners on this site?


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I'm not sure how many cats were there...maybe 100? All breeds, sizes and ages.

I don't know many cats by sight. Angela and I were guessing back and forth at some breeds and would often be confirmed or corrected as we went! It was really a unique experience!

Hey Elizabeth!!! You show, what is the secret of "FLUFFY"?
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Hey That's Cool Angela & Teresa & Teresa's Hubby!

I went to probably my 180th cat show , we came home with the best Domestics,Persians,Exotics and Burmese... ehhh hum , Cats from wellington always clean up
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