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clavamox tablets

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Does anyone know what the expiration date is for clavamox tablets? If they were given to me about 2 months ago, and I had leftover ones, would they still be good?
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It's hard telling, but our rule of thumb in our Pharmacy is one year after the day you purchased them.
I would assume that would apply to Vet Med's.
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Depends on how they were stored Shell. If they were exposed to heat or sunlight or even strong light, they would not be effective.
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And how do you have left-overs?!?

I thought you are to finish the prescription, I hope nothing happened to the kitty it was for originally.

(DragonLady made me do it)
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That's true Hissy. I didn't think about that. Thanks for reminding me!
I know my Vet doesn't put the med's in a bottle (I don't agree with that...kids and animals can easily get into them!) and I don't think that is very effective on keeping them good.
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They are in pop out strips, that are in my kit. drawer. When Tigger had a UTI, I never finished giving her the complete doseage, but that's beside the point. She has a scratchy meow,too. I have some liquid clavamox that is still good for another 3 or 4 days, that I had to also give Fluffy.
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You really should not give meds to your cats unless your vet has told you to. I would call your vet on Monday and tell him the symptoms and mention that you have these pills "leftover" though you will probably get a lecture, because antibiotics need to be followed through even if the cat appears to be better. But anyway call him and tell him what is going on and ask him if it is safe to give your cat this dosage.
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.... well, they do know I did not finish her meds, and I did not get a lecture. So, please, I do not need a lecture on that part.
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Gee Tigger I was not lecturing you, I was informing you. Big difference, sorry you took it to be a lecture.
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