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HAHAHAAAAA!!!! Too funny not to share!! Pics!!!

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My poor stormy has runny eyes so sebastion had to take over modeling for her

Here HE is in a glamour girl collar (hubby is going to shoot me! )
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this one just says meow so that is not tooo bad
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Val, you're gonna make him a sissy-boy!
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and last but not least .....queen!! Poor boy!!!
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Don't worry, Sebastion, we won't tell if you don't!
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I tried to take a pic of stormy but she got all hissy and did this notice how she moved so her eyes aren't in the pic
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Wow Stormy looks like she means business there!

"I told you, no pictures!"

"Damn the paparazzi!"
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yea she was not a happy girl. I guess she knows she is not looking her best She is starting to sneeze less though so that is good!
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Those are great! Stormy is not a happy camper at all for sure

Sebastion he is a cutie. He will be all Tom even if he does model the collars for the ladies
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don't sebastions eyes look great! those meds work wonders!
I'll have to find the pic of his eyes from last week.
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I am so glad he is doing well, hope Stormy gets better soon too!
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this is three days after he was on meds from the er. Those meds did nothing, may have even made the worse. but the stuff the normal vet gave us worked great. poor guy couldn't even close his one eye all the way
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Take your cue from Stormy and leave her be until she is feeling better. Ferals do not like to be messed with when they are ill.
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I'm leaving her alone now. She isn't really feral. I have been holding her since she was one week old. Although snowwhite might have rubbed off one her alittle. She is sleeping on top of the computer moniter now. She is normally really good. She takes her pills and lets me put drops in her eyes. She just got very unhappy when she saw the camera.
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Actually, she is feral because mom is feral and she has that genetic code running through her. I have been nailed from babies that I bottle raised when they were sick, so just trying to prevent you from having a painful experience like I did.
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oh! I didn't know that. You are always teaching me something new!!! I'll have to make sure to be more careful when i'm making them do stuff they don't like (like giving them meds and clipping there nails) I really don't want to get bit!
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You are right, you really don't want to get bit.
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Hubby got bit by granet and he said it HURTTTTTTTTT. Atleast he knew enough to go right to the doc and get put on meds so it wouldn't get infected. We are always very very careful with granet!
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Cat bites are really painful, not to mention highly infectious. Tillie got me good a few weeks back when we were trying to give her a vaccination. She ended up going to the vet for that shot! (All the others were great about getting theirs, I must add.)It hurt like heck!
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she is still sick. I think I need her meds switched again. Poor girl has a running nose and runny eyes
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Poor little guys! I'm glad Sebastian's doing so much better. Hope everyone's all better REAL soon!

....and LOL! I'm surprised Sebastian didn't react like Stormy did! (Geez - they're all getting SO BIG!!!!)
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Bast is such a cutie pie, Give him smooches

I'm glad he's getting better!

Awwww poor stormy, give her a hug when she's up to it

WTG val
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