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Online Dating

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First of all, I don't want to sound desperate or anything but I did put an Online Dating Ad on a month or so ago. I figured it worked once (that relationship lasted 3 1/2 years), so it might happen again. I've got a few emails from some guys, but nothing I was interested in. Frankly, there isn't any descent guys on online in Nebraska. I've noticed that I seem to attract men that are MUCH older than me. I'm sorry but I have NO interest in dating a man that is my DAD'S age. EWWWW!

Anyway, I got a email from a nice guy named Ric yesterday. I was nervous about emailing him back, but yet excited too. He seems like a really nice guy and has a lot going for him. I shot off a email to him and I got a reply right away. I'm just nervous about all of this for some reason. The last time I did this, I went on a date with a complete nerd. Plus, that guy looked nothing like his picture. I know that looks shouldn't matter, but they do for me. I have to have some kind of physical attraction...pretty shallow, huh?

I just wanted your guys' opinion on this guy. If you go to www.Match.com and look up the name WildandRomantic...you'll see his profile. He's not exactly what I was looking for in the Physical sense, but he's not ugly by any means. His second pic is kinda funny. He just looks goofy...but in a good way.
Anyway, let me know what you guys think. I know I'm the one who needs to make the decision, but I just needed someone elses opinion.

***I had to edit this because it was brought to my attention that everyone who used that link, could see my account & details.***
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I say give him a shot! You are right he is by no means ugly but he is no Adonis eihter,JMHO. What he wrote about himself was interesting, sounds like he may be a honest sincere person.
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In his email, he said that he's a Nurse. I thought that was pretty cool. There aren't many Male Nurse's out there.

Nice thing about about his email was that he doesn't want to jump into the things. He wants to take thing slow and just chit chat. Most guys want to set up a date after the first email. That's just too quick for me!

Thanks Cathi!
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A nurse huh? Sounds really interesting!! I like that he wants to take things slow first. A big plus
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He's kinda cute Shell! What's the worst that could happen? I mean, Lincoln's a big city so if things don't work out you could still lose him there. (You're moving to Lincoln soon, aren't you?) A nurse is good...shows he gives a darn about humanity. But have you asked the most important question??? Does he like cats????

And you aren't shallow at all for wanting some attraction physically. You're human. The best thing about attraction is that personality can take a decent looking person and make them an adonis! Of course, it can also take an adonis and make him into a troll, too.
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Originally posted by valanhb
The best thing about attraction is that personality can take a decent looking person and make them an adonis! Of course, it can also take an adonis and make him into a troll, too.
I have got to give an AMEN to that comment. I went out with this guy that would just make you drool he was so goodlooking. He turned out to be a total and complete @ss!!
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I think he is kinda cute!! Make sure he likes cats
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Yeah, I'll be moving to Lincoln at the end of September or early October. Lincoln is a big town, so I'm sure if this online stuff doesn't work I could maybe find Mr. Right there.

I haven't asked him about cats yet. I'll be doing that in my next email! If he doesn't like cats, he's gone...that is a Priority!

You're definitely right about the average guy turning into Adonis...and especially Adonis turning into a Troll! That comment really cracked me up Heidi!
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oh and don't feel bad about wanting a hottie. the reason I started going our with dh was he is around 6'0 has blonde hair and green eyes and his chest and shoulders where to die for!!! over the past 7 years we have both gone down hill alittle but woahhhh was he cute!!!
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this is a really BAD pic of him from back then. he has big electric green eyes. If I only would have had a digital camera!
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Wow! What a HOTTIE! You've got a keeper!
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hey look!! Your guy has cats!!!! Now you have to give him a chance!! and look at all the animals he likes!


I have: Cats

I don't have, but like: Dogs, Fish, Reptiles, Birds, Exotic pets, Horses

I don't like: I'll tell you later
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Okay Shell! Give this man a chance he has catsHe sounds like a keeper to me
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After intensive scrutiny and looking at his profile.... I would say GO FOR IT!! He sounds like he has a level head on his shoulders also. I wish you good luck, Shell. And he has cats too... That is also a plus
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Denitely go for it. He's not bad looking and he has cats!!
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I won't be posting my pic on here ever cuz I look like Homer!!!!
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I LOVE Homer! Go for it Cabbie!
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The link doesn't work anymore, Shell!
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the link doesn't work anymore...but from the description others are giving he sounds like a nice one.

And he likes cats! I really believe that a man who genuinely likes cats & is not embarrassed to admit it is great, because to me it means he's not bothered by things he can't control.

Hope he turns out as nice as he sounds!
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Thanks Guys! I'm going to shoot off another email tonight. Wish me luck! I'm SO VERY HAPPY that loves cats! He's already passed the cat test, we'll have to see about the others!
Here's the link again:
Hope it works!
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Wow Val! Your hubby was a hotty, and I'm sure he still is

He's pretty cute Shell, I say go for it!
He doesn't smoke, likes cats , excireses reguarly what more could you want! heeheehee

Let us know how it goes!
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Will do!
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.. Just think he might come with a few cats!
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That's just fine with me...as long as he accept MY crew!
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Awwwwwwwww! Who wouldn't with that gorgeous smooshy tiki nose and that bud belly and well echo's just a cutie!!
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Awww! They are definitely MY best qualities!

Did anyone check out my profile? I think I sound cheesey...but it's really hard to talk about yourself & sound normal.
If you're interested, you can go to www.match.com
and then look up Huskerbabe77.

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Your profile sounds good to me. by the way you are a very pretty woman Any guy would be a fool to pass you up.
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Thanks Cathi! That was very nice of you!
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He looks cute Shell! I have two friends that do the online dating thing and they have a blast. If it doesn't work out, you might be making a good friend, too.
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