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I had to take Ivo to the emergency vet tonight

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As I posted earlier, Ivo has roundworms. My vet prescribed Drontal, so I picked it up today and gave her the first dose at noon. Then, I went out shopping with a friend. When I came home at 6, Ivo was having problems walking-it was almost like she was drunk, her back legs would give out or not be able to turn properly. So I loaded her into her carrier and took her to the emergency vet.

When they first looked at her, there were no signs of a head injury, poisoning, all the main things they'd look for when a cat quickly develops problems with walking. And problems walking is not a common side effect of the Drontal I gave her. So, the vet wanted to run a thorough blood test, not only looking at her blood cells but at the function of her organs, too. The vet was concerned that she might be diabetic, and the stress of being pilled might have affected her blood sugar and that would have caused the problems walking.

Well, 2 1/2 hours later we learned that overall Ivo is healthy, except for being slightly dehydrated (probably from vomiting up the worms). Everything was fine, and the only thing the vet could suggest was that perhaps she had a rare bad reaction to the Drontal, or if the treatment killed off a lot of worms quickly and the dying worms released histamines that caused problems for Ivo. So, Ivo is home sleeping on the bed and I have to follow up with our regular vet on Monday.

But when we got home, she was walking OK except for a slight limp. I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps she has a pinched nerve or something of that sort in her hind end, and the weakness was from sleeping on it funny (she was sleeping when I got home today). Has anyone else experience something like this with their cats? Or has anyone else had a cat that has had a bad reaction to Drontal?
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What a scare! I do hope that nothing is wrong with lil Ivo and it was just a bad reaction to the med's. Poor little girl! Give her loves from me!
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Christy- the only time I had a problem similar to what you are experiencing now was when the vet accidentally gave one of my cats Drontal Plus (which is for dogs) My cat became quite wobbly and unsteady on her feet, and stopped eating, we took her back to the vet and he kept her for 24 hours and when she came back to us she wasn't 100 percent, but she was close. Later, the vet would find out the error and he didn't charge me for the second visit, but it was enough for me to find another vet. This happened while I was living in Alaska
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OMG! How scary!
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Thanks Hissy. I'll make sure and ask my regular vet if it could have been Drontal Plus. I did take the pills along to the emergency vet (I was concerned that perhaps the dosage was too high) and she did say that the dosage was OK. My regular vet is a cat-only vet, but who knows if perhaps they got the wrong medicine?
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Glad it worked out
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Oh my gosh, poor Ivo. That must have been so scary to see her wobbling like that. I'm glad she's doing better now.
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Keep us posted OK
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Poor kitty.... I remeber when Diesel got neutered and he was all wobbly from the anaesthetic... it's so worrying. Is Ivo better now? Glad that it wasn't anything really serious...
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