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My Samantha (over the rainbow bridge) was my log roller at night. I toss and turn a lot when I sleep and Sammie used to sleep on my legs or thighs, whatever was the highest point. I would flip suddenly in the night and Sammy, sound asleep or not, would log roll and land on top every time. She never once fell off!
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meow meow has got this little thing abt sleeping on the edge of the bed and a couple of times she would be stirring in her sleep..she would all of a sudden, roll off the bed and fall right onto the floor with a loud thud! then she would open her eyes and look really confused abt what has happened...really funny...
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Mom of Many, Max does that with me, too! Fortunately, she is only about 8 or 9 lbs, so she is a lightweight.
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Don't you just love it when they so unsuspectingly roll off whatever it is they are laying on? Bleu does it all the time. He rolled off the window perch and landed in the waste basket the other day. He got out (with a little help from me) and walked away with his tail twitching.
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jmvito: Did Bleu give you that look of "I meant to do that....really I did" as he strolled off?

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Goldmine likes to lie on his back and stick his paws and feet up in their air at weird angles. He looks like a funny, cute, lazy blob!
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OMG it is too hilarious! After posting the other day about the cats' reaction to the cat-ear headband, I went looking for it and put it on. Khepera took one look at me, widened his eyes, flattened his ears, lowered himself to the ground and let out a loud HISS!

It was very funny, we laughed, but he was so obviously upset that I took the "ears" off and made sure he knew it was just me, that everything was ok. He recovered with an application of Pounce treats and some tummy scritches.
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MomofMany. When he was a younger man-cat he would give me that look. But now that he's an old man-cat recovering from FLD, he's become so very skittish. He was so scared when he dropped into the wastebasket. He twitched about 30 times and ran out of the room with his belly dragging and his tail tucked under his legs. Poor guy. I didn't laugh at him out loud because I didn't want to add to his humiliation. But it was so comical.
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