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Strange things your cats do.

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I thought it would be fun to hear about some of the more strange things our cats do. For instance:

Bleu runs around like crazy after he's pooped in the litter box. It's like after he's relieved himself he runs faster because he weighs less!

He also likes to sit on the floor with his nose in the floor vent. I don't know what it is in those vents that fascinates him so, but he can sit there for hours on end. We always tease him about snaring "air bugs."

Bleu also sits on my night stand facing the wall, looks up at the ceiling and meows! Again, don't know what he sees up there, but whatever it is it's worth meowing at.

He is also fascinated by his own whiskers. When one falls out and he finds it on the floor, he rolls all over it and rubs his face on it like he's trying to put it back on.
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Mythie likes to sit on my fiance's shoulder while he's on the exercycle...
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Ophelia is so funny. No matter how long I've been home or how many times I've petted her, she always has to sniff my hand. If I don't let her sniff my hand, she runs away and acts like I beat her! (which I obviously don't! And we've had her since she was about 6 weeks old, so I don't think she was abused - just feral.) She doesn't do this with Daddy, just with me.
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Mythie on the exercise bike would be a sight to behold. You should snap us a shot of that one.
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Abby likes my bathtub Shes really weird about it. Its like she spazzes out for a minute and jumps in to the tub, acts wild and meows a lot, then jumps back out like nothing happened

Morgan is a feed fiend. He wants whatever food you are eating and wont get the hint that hes not welcome to it Cant blame him for trying
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My sister used to date a guy that worked for a towing company. He picked up this little kitten somewhere along the way. He took the kitten to work with him every day and they'd drive around town in the wrecker. He kept a litter box on the wrecker floor. One morning he got to work and the guys at the towing company had his truck stenciled on the front grill, "The Litter Box." That cat loved to ride in vehicles. One summer day I was at my sister's for a visit. I left my car windows open because it was so hot. After my visit, I got in the car and left for home. I got about half way home when their cat jumped out of the back seat and into the front seat. It startled me so bad that I drove up over the curb and into someone's front yard!
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Penny is a food fiend too. I call her my colon with fur. LOL. I can't eat in peace around her. She's always grabbing at me trying to get me to show her what's on my plate. I have to be really careful in the kitchen, because she's constantly sitting at my feet while I'm in there. When I head towards the kitchen she stops what she's doing and runs in front of me. I like to fool her by acting like i'm going to the kitchen when I'm really going to the laundry room. She sits in the middle of the kitchen floor and gives me a dirty look.
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After 9 years he's finally stopped doing this, but Mr. Underfoot used to do something pretty strange. Whenever I ran water for a bath or shower and started to step into the tub, he would look at me like I was crazy, "MEOW!" really loud, and try to grab my hand in his mouth and pull me back out of the tub, like "What are you doing??? Don't you know there's WATER in there???" My sweet boy was trying to save me!
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These are such cute stories!!! Yeah, my JB does the same thing with the bathtub, goes a bit spastic and then sniffs around and starts pawing the heck out of it, like he's covering something that is not there!!!!!!
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When Bill takes off his work boots, he drapes his socks over them. Rowdy immediately comes over and rubs against them, drags them around and rolls herself up in them. Fortunately, Bill doesn't have stinky feet.

Of course, there's Buddy, with his attraction to my underwear.....
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Ivo has to regularly smell my breath. When I wake up in the morning (it's really nice to wake up to a kitty face in your face ), after I eat, after I drink anything, after I brush my teeth and when we cuddle at night. I don't know if she judges my mood by what I smell like, or she just enjoys having a wide variety of scents...
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My cat Patches likes to give me... What me and my roomie call "the evil eye". Sometimes. And my half-kid Tiger growls when someone knocks on our door too.
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LOL LOL Where to begin??!! With cats, there's always something funny going on. My Marius is my foot fetish cat. He LOVES feet and especially shoes. It's like Christmas in our house whenever we have guests, because Hey! New Shoes! He particularly likes my husband's nasty stinky leather shoes and often sleeps on them with his head inside the shoe itself. All of my cats exhibit RCOs, usually in the evening (Random cat outbursts) where they are calm one minute, and the next they are streaking all over the house as if something invisible is chasing them. I'm sure you all have experienced that one. My Marius also scarfs and barfs He's my piggie kitty.
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Morris has this habit of coming up to my face while I am in bed and shoves his nose into my eyeballs..... Also his sister Snoopy used to join me in bed at night without fail and Morris has taken up that habit as well. Oreo he has a fascination with the printer every time it goes off.... kinda funny actually.
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Opie and Buddy both like to sit in the back window and tease Pearl. Neither of them will play with the dogs, in the house but, they seem to derive great pleasure from enticing her to jump at the window and then hissing and growling at her.
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Georgia is fascinated by my tongue piercing. She will bump my lips with her head until I show it to her. She looks at it, then goes away.
Pearl has recently discovered the brush, and will stand on the end of the couch and howl until someone brushes her.
Poor old goofy Fred does too much weird stuff just to pick one or two.
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My recently departed and dearly loved and sorely missed Koko LOVED the smell of toothpaste. At night, when I would brush my teeth right before getting into bed, she would hop up into the bed with me, sit on my chest (thankfully she was a small cat!) bend down and stick her nose as close to my mouth as she could get and just smell and try to lick my lips for any leftover bits of toothpaste.

For a treat I would put the smallest amount of toothpaste on my finger and let her lick it of. She LOVED it.

Now my Ethel, she backs up to the fridge or dishwasher or dryer or even a wall and bang one of her back legs against it really quickly. Sounds like someone knocking really fast on the door. I started calling her Thumper for a while. Several other people have seen her do and all just fall about laughing, saying that's the funniest, weirdest thing they have ever seen a cat do! Gotta admit, it IS really funny!!! I always say the same thing with she does... "Come In!!!" Always gets me a dirty look too!!
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Zoey does the run a marathon after pooping too LOL I think all cats do that

When I leave for work in the morning she chases me to the door and plops herself right in front of the door as to say "no mommy dont leave!!" its so sad yet so cute lol.

She also carries her toys all over the house. The other day I came home and found 3 of her toys on my bed lol.

When I run away from her I go to the other side of the room and crouch down and she gets in stalk mode and creeps up on me chirping.. then runs full speed at me LOL.
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Bogart has a hair fetish and I don't cut my hair because of it. I must lay my long hair out on my pillow at night so he can sleep on it.

Koko has the foot fetish - bites on your toes whenever she sees you.

Muddy likes to suck on nubby parts of your body. He will come up to your ear while you sleep and nibble on the nub in your ear. Really WEIRD feeling the first time he does it to you. He also chomps down on a part on my husband's chest when he makes the mistake of sitting with his shirt off (he was orphaned at 10 days and he's still pretty young).

Our departed Morrison was knicknamed "Captain Oblivious". My husband would vacuum the floor and had to vacuum around him. He actually lifted up his tail to vacuum under his butt one time and Morrison didn't flinch.

Miss Scarlett will always "dance" for her food, and loves cheddar goldfish crackers. We put the tail-end in our mouths and she delicately nibbles them out with a little kiss. We're training Muddy to do this also. She also plays the chase game with daddy - he chases her then turns around and she chases him back.

Stumpy likes to full-body rub up against your legs when you least expect it. His half-tail has no flexibility, so it feels like he is jabbing you with a stick. He particularly likes to do this with strangers, who usually jump when he does it.

Pinky will sleep on top of the Nordic-Trac - legs and arms dangling over the edges. Pinky is 18 pounds and with his long fur, looks about a foot wide. Hysterically ironic that my fat boy sleeps on the exercise equipment.

Eight-ball likes to play "toonses the cat". If you remember the older Saturday Night Live skits by the same name, Toonses was the driving cat, pictured standing on his back legs with his arms out in front of him. I hold him up on my lap and sing the toonses the driving cat song. He loves it for some odd reason.

Bob Marley (when outdoors) didn't like coming in through doors. He would jump up on a window ledge and meowl until we let him in. Amazinging, he would get up to our second story bedroom window and do this. He is smart enough to look for us in the room before he selects his window. I always enjoyed when "he came in through the bathroom window".

OK, so I could go on for a long time......
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Toes used to bite my ankle before I'd get into the shower.

Toes will only ride on my left shouder in the car (with a 21 pound cat that makes it really hard to drive).

Toes will sit up and look just like Prairie Dog when he's trying to see something far away.

Tailer likes playing with makeup items.

Toes goes nuts when you have anything made with tomatoes or asparagus (canned only though).

Tailer always tried doing yoga with me.

Toes would always walk me to the door when I left and meet me at the door when I came home.

Toes dances to the "Bad Boys" theme from COPS (or if I sing our version of it--"Bad Kitties").

Toes loves to massage heads and suck on hair. We call him Monsieur Toes when he does this.
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My friend had drawers with open acess her cat would take her socks during the day and hide them under the couch. she would come home in the evening and her sock drawer would be empty every day. LOL
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My cat Alex likes to sleep by my side at night, and he has to turn around in a circle a couple of times before he lays down. Its so funny, when he gets up on the bed sometimes my husband will tell him to lay down, and I tell him you cant make him lay down, he has to do his circle thing before he will lay down. He has always done it.
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love these stories!

Sylvestra has an emery board fetish...every time I try to file my nails with one at home she runs up and steals it from me, snatching it away & taking it under the bed with her.

And of course some of my cats have the shoe fetish thing going on, too. Mr. Underfoot got his head stuck in a tennis shoe once...come to think of it, he's gotten his head stuck in a lot of things over the years.

And Mr. loves to drink with his paw...I have to guard my drinking glass or he will sneak up & stick his paw in it to taste whatever I'm drinking. He's learned the hard way not to stick his head in a glass or cup.
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I love reading about little quirks like the kind in this thread. They're all so fascinating. It's not strange, but when my sister had her first cat, he really like to have company when he ate. He would crunch away at the bowl with his head down like every other cat, but every few seconds he would stop and turn up to look at you, as if to see that you were there and paying attention. Then he'd go back to eating and repeat the same pattern. I miss that.
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Sometimes, when Spot is sound asleep, I'll walk over to him and whisper in his ear and tell him what a sweet boy he is. He doesn't open his eyes or raise his head up or anything . What he does is he starts kicking himself in the chin with his hind foot over and over...like he has an itch. It's too funny...LOL!

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Whispering in Spot's ear must tickle him!
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Originally posted by jmvito
Whispering in Spot's ear must tickle him!

LOL! Maybe so, I never thought about that!
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It never fails...every time I go to the bathroom Tiki must escort me to the John. Once I positioned on the toilet, she sits right in front of me and watches every second of it. Once I'm done, she waits at the door until I flush. Once I'm dressed, she's out the door waiting on the otherside. I don't know if she think the Toilet is going to suck me down it or what...but it's like she's monitoring my Bathroom time!

Every night at 10, all three cats line up at the stairway. Tiki meows VERY loud and the others look over at me. It's like they are telling me it's time to go to bed! If I don't get up right then, they sit there until I do finally go to bed. Once we go up the stairs, they race each other to my bed. Once again, they line up right in front of the bed and start begging for treats. I started giving them treats right before we go to sleep last year and now it's EXPECTED every night!
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I have a headband with leopard print cat ears on it that I got at Hot Topic around Halloween. Whenever I put it on, Jules looks at me and his eyes get reeeeal wide, and he backs away from me slooowly. The other cats just stare at me.

Do they think I've suddenly turned into the biggest cat of them all?
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LOL!!! Sue - that sounds hilarious! They probably think, "Alpha Mommy - Run!"

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