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Blondiecat was so dumb.....

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OMG I have completely lost my mind. Here I was getting the food ready to put on the grill....mmmmm steak!...Anywho I go out to the grill grab the grate and burned the crap out of my hand...can we say DUH!! I have branded grill grates marks on fingers and thumb. The only thing I can say now is IDIOT! Any suggestions for a burn???

Go ahead and laugh I do deserve it
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First of all, do NOT put ICE directly on the burn. It will do more damage to it. Run some cold water over the burn and get an ice bag. That will help the swelling and the pain. Then, if you've got any Aloe Vera at home, dab some of that on there. You'll want to keep it moist, but not overly wet. Try not to bandage it either since you'll be keeping the heat in and you don't want that.

Also if you don't have any Aloe Vera, look for some Neosporin, Polysporin or Triple Antibotic ointment/cream. That way you have less chance of getting an infection. If you don't have any of that, see if you've got some First Aid cream by Johnson & Johnson. It's got some lidocaine in it, so it will numb the pain. Any of those choices will be fine to put on a burn. If it's a major burn, please call or visit your ER. These can be serious if not taken care of right away.

Also NEVER put BUTTER on burns. It's an old wive's tale and it causes the burn to get much worse!
Hope this helps! What a bummer Blondie! Apparently you were having a Blonde moment?
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As a nurse, I second all of Shell's recommendations, they are all correct!
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Thanks Sue...I'm glad I learned something from all those years in the Pharmacy!
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This is getting more painful by the minute. I had my hand in some cool water and that felt really good. I will do what you have suggested. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!
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LOL Shell!

The very best thing for a burn is aloe. Preferably fresh from the plant. We had 2 aloe plants in the kitchen, but then Pan found out she could climb into the hanging flowerpot and pulled it down from the ceiling with the added weight.
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Silvadine is good for burns as well.
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Hissy, is that available over the counter now? You used to need a prescription for Silvadene, but that was back when I worked in the hospital, which was a looong time ago.
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It's prescription only. It's WONDERFUL stuff though!
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The only Aloe I could find was a gel stuff. Will That work?? Thanks Guys! Shell you were right I did have a total BLONDE moment. It seems like I do that a lot
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That should be just fine. How bad was the burn and how big?
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The burns run across all four fingers,the palm a little bit and a small part of my thumb. There was no blisters but the skin turned a weird shade of white where the grate touched. I am putting the Aloe stuff on right now.
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Sounds like you were lucky to get away with first and maybe a little second degree burns. You should be fine, just sore for a few days.
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Is it painful? If it isn't then you've got a helluva a burn. Usually when there isn't any pain, you've got nerve damage to the skin. Keep an eye on it and if it gets bright red it could be infected.

It probably wouldn't hurt to see a Dr about it just in case if it's a 2nd or 3rd degree burn.
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Third degree is black and there is no pain.

It doesn't sound like that's what you've got.

KEEP IT CLEAN, burns infect really easily. I would use a very gentle soap, maybe something like a glycerin or Neuterogena soap.
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Black? EWW!
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Yes, it's not pretty.

I just had two new cases with burns, both second degree. One is burned over most of his chest and had to get artificial skin grafts. Ow ow ow ow ow!
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Thanks Shell and Mom of 10 cats I really was not sure what to do for this. My hand is stinging and burning and my fingers are swollen to the point that I can't really make a fist. I will keep an eye on it and contact my Doctor if it gets worse. You guys are great
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I know how bad it hurts when you pull a stunt like Cathi, but I can't imagine getting burnt that much.

I've always prayed that I'd never have a fire in my house and etc. I can't imagine the feeling of burning to death.
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I have aloe vera gel, with lidocaine and its wonderful. After filling my Zippo lighter, I'm always forgetting about the overspill and putting it in my pants pocket. At the moment, I have a 2" diameter second-degree chemical burn on my upper thigh. The aloe vera w/lidocaine works wonders.

If it gets too bad, you can buy Benzocaine ointment over the counter, too.
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OUCH! that sounds hurtful, so sorry blondiecat, but you have some really good people taking care of you so you will be fine be careful please hope it quits hurting soon, iknow what it feels like, a burn is the worst.
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aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...Aloe the wonder plant Hand is feeling a lot better this morning. Thanks for all of your help
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Glad to hear that it's feeling better!
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