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Something is Digging up My Yard

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We have holes all over our yard. A friend has told us it is probably raccoons digging for grubs. We have two traps set, but have not been able to catch whatever it is. If you remember, we had something get across our fence and hurt Muffin a couple months ago. Now I am thinking that whatever is digging these holes is responsible for hurting him. Does anyone have an ideas how to deal with this. I have read some about using beneficial nematodes. I am wondering how well this would work since there has been chemicals sprayed up around the perimeter of the house when termite treatment was done. Another thing I have read about is using milky spore. Can someone tell me more about using these two methods for grubs, or suggest something else. Help, my yard looks terrible.
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The animal typically responsible for digging up yards like that is an armadillo. Slow, pretty much harmless, and non aggressive (unless you corner one, maybe) they would not harm your cats.
Treating for grubs really is the only way to get them to lose interest in your yard. Some prefer dumping more chemicals down, but with the cats out there that's not a good idea.
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Don't know what part of the world you're in, but could be gophers digging up your yard, too.
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Hey not sure where you live but here is a very informative link on beneficial nematodes and more.........
Are you sure it's grubs in your lawn? Lots of animals will dig, can you post a picture?
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Here in the upper midwest its usually skunks but sometimes raccoons looking for grubs. You must be more southern as the ground is frozen and the critters in winter hibernation.
Grubs are a problems if you have "X" amount (x equals 8-12) per square foot. Can't recall the exact amount. Measure and peel back a square foot of sod to see and count any grubs. Treatment if you have alot of turf is rather expensive.
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Around here, it's usually moles in the yards. Especially once we have snow cover, the moles will start digging in the yard under the snow, leaving trails around the yard. During really bad winters, come spring, we have to go out and roll the yard before we can do much of anything.
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I should have posted I am in eastern NC
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Originally Posted by blueyedgirl5946 View Post
I should have posted I am in eastern NC
I found a link that will hopefully help you find the answers you need.......
There are never any simple solutions when it comes to things like this, so you may have to dedicate some extra time into how and what you can do to safely protect your yard.
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We use beneficial nematodes on our yard to not only control grubs, but also to control fleas, roaches, cutworms, slugs & snails, and many other soil-borne pests. A few years ago, when we first started using them, we did 4 applications, once in the early, early spring, once late spring, once early fall, and once late fall. It's important to NOT use chemicals on your yard if you're going to use nematodes since the chemicals will kill the nematodes. For the past couple of years, we've only done 2 applications, once in spring and once in fall.

Arbico Organics is an excellent source of all things organic. We've purchased a specific type of beneficial nematodes to destroy some termites the first year we lived here. For general yard maintenance, we get nematodes from the local organic nursery or feed store.
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I searched up this thread of mine so I could post what we have learned. When hubby drove in the yard tonight, there was a huge skunk digging for grubs beside the mailbox. We have seen holes everywhere. We had a night camera set up and some traps. So far we had no pictures, and only caught possums in the traps. Now we think it is skunks that are digging the holes everywhere in our yard. Some may remember we had the problem with something getting inside our fence and whipping our cat Muffin. Since then, the cats have spent the nights in the garage. Anyway, we are going to have to do something to treat for grubs. We feel sure it is Japanese Beetle grubs.
Some of you suggested beneficial nematodes and Milky Spore was also mentioned. I am not sure what to do as our property is three acres. Also, when our house was built, the site was treated chemically for termites. The company has also been back and sprayed around the house from time to time for insects. Therefore since that has been done, I am not sure if the nematodes could be used, even if we didn't spray anymore in the yard with chemicals. Any ideas anyone. I really don't want to spray chemical all over th yard because of my cats. (When he sprays for bugs, we pull back the pine straw and the landscaping paper. He sprays. We let it dry, put back the paper and then the straw when it all drys. The cats are moved out of the yard until that process if finished and everything is covered up again)
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We have skunks in our yard to. They live under 1 of our sheds. We have surveillance cameras around the whole house. I've never seen these skunks eat anything in our yard, never seen them fight with anything in our yard either.
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Never had skunks.

I know we've got raccoons b/c we also have holes in the backyard. And they run off with the corn I put out for the squirrels every night if the squirrels don't eat it.

And an occasional opossum. One came close to the back door and one night both girls were sitting at the door looking outside with intent interest

I know there are voles in the backyard too. But they don't dig things up- they make tunnels underground and eat the roots of plants- we lost all of our new plants last year because of it.

Sneaky does try to help. She'll go out back and sit at the vole hole. For hours. Sometimes she catches one- but from what I read- one cat can't take care of the vole problem in a yard.
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There are alot of article out about Japanese beetles. The very worst you could do is put up Japanese beetle traps. They are pheremone based and will have flocks of the nasty beetles come to your property. Look at the Gardens Alive website to see what they suggest.
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This article is specific to my area (Vancouver, BC), so some adjustment in timing would be necessary for other areas probably, but your problem does sound much like what we're seeing around here. The picture of the chafer beetle damage may be helpful in identifying the problem. Whatever's going on, I hope you find a solution.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Don't know what part of the world you're in, but could be gophers digging up your yard, too.
We get chipmunks and moles.
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I don't know about effectiveness for something burrowing from the top down. But for things burrowing under like groundhogs, putting used kitty litter in the holes encourages them to 'move on', at least as far as your neighbors' place anyways. You have to be persistant about it though. See a new hole put out more cat doo-dy... If you know what I mean.
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My hubby had set up a night camera in the yard. We finally got pictures of him. He is huge, probably about twenty pounds. In the pictures he is beautiful. I never saw a live one before, only dead ones on the road. Of course, we don't know if he is the only one, probably not since we have so many holes.
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