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Searching for a cool gift

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I'm searching for a cat related gift for my friends birthday. Last year I got her a cat statue and she loved it but it wasn't really what I wanted to get. Her cat is a Tortie and I've wanting to get her something with a tortie kitty on it or etc.

I searched Meowhoo and didn't find anything with a Tortie kitty. She made a comment to me a few months ago that she's always wanted a knicknack that looked just like her Sassy.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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one word:
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I have a fur-covered tortie figurine, bought in a hospital gift shop, many years ago. These are mass-produced and I've seen them in a lot of other gift shops.

Hallmark stores have a lot of really neat cat-themed knick-knacks.
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Thanks guys! I'll check out ebay and Hallmark!
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Definitely eBay! I have done seartches for Tortie or Tortoiseshell and come up with some cool stuff. There's a guy who occasionally lists some of his paintings of torties, they are very nice.

Good luck!
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Very pretty! Looks almost like Sassy too! I have to say that's the closest thing that I've found that looks like her. Sassy looks alot like your Lilith. Gorgeous kitties!

Thanks for the link...I'll be checking Ebay more often!
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I just did a search for that artist's name on ebay (Drew Strouble) and a lot of his stuff is listed. He is an incredibly talented artist!


Another tortie pic of his.
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It has recently come to light that the fur toys and animals are really made from cat and dog fur. Mostly from China, although other countries are beginning to do it too.
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