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Kitten just neutered

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I just got home from the vet after having my kitten neutered. Quick question...I received a cone collar? for my kitten, and was advised to keep it on for 10 days. Is 10 days necessary? He won't allow me to put it on, and I know he's going to absolutely hate it and he's probably going to cause more harm to himself with it (rolling over it, jumping with it on trying to get it off, etc). Also, since this is my first kitten, any other helpful ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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None of my cats were give and cone when they were neutered/spayed. I don't think they have to wear it, only if their biting or lapping that area. Lynxx had absolutely no problem when he was neutered. Luna came home in pain after she was spayed. She was on pain medicine for the weekend. She spent her time in her carrier resting, she didn't want to come out. She came out only to go to the bathroom and went back in. She was ok after a week. Midnight got neutered and came home a little groggy. He did lap and bite himself a little bit that first night, but we kept an eye on him, and stopped him when he did it. After that first night he was fine. He didn't like being picked up, and held that first night.
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Thanks so much for the quick reply! We've been home for about an hour now and I've been with him the whole time. He has been walking around the room slowly, almost looking for somewhere to lay down, even those he has his bed in here. He's only licked once I think. I just wanted to make sure, as I said, this is my first time with a kitten. He's definitely been groggy though, and hasn't really ran or jumped, but he's had a few playful bites as always.
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The cone collar is definitely not necessary. It should only be used if he bites at his sutures. I recently got an 8 week old kitten who was neutered the day before I got him, and he was completely fine right away, no ill effects.
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We never used a cone collar - as the others have said, just keep an eye on him.
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When Charo was spayed a few weeks ago, we were advised to leave the e-collar on until the stitches were removed. We took it off for an hour a day to give her some relief, but when it was off, she would go right for the stitches. We had a soft collar, so it was a little bit easier for her to get used to it.
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No need for the cone of shame unless you see swelling, redness, or excessive licking. If you see that, put the cone on and call the vet. He's probably a bit restless from the anesthesia and/or pain meds, but should soon calm down and sleep. TRY to keep jumping and roughhousing to a minimum. I know, easier said than done!
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EGrant23 thanks for posting, our stray houseguest goes in on Wed, so it's good for me to be refreshed on what to expect & be prepped for, it's been 2 years since Megans spay and previous to that was 1991 LOL I don't ever recall being told or needing a collar.

I'm most concerned with the no play/jump/act like a normal kitten should!

Did the vet say anything about special litter (dust-free) to help prevent possible infection? I'll get it anyway but I don't know how necessary it is, I found it mentioned online when looking for how many days it would take to recover.

(And I hope you don't mind if I ask my question in your thread, it seemed redundant for me to start a new one) THX
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We had our little guy neutered a couple of months ago. He stayed overnight at the vet, but needed no special litter or anything like that. You just want to try to keep them from jumping and playing rough for the first day or so to keep the incision from coming open. Most kitties are smart and quickly learn not to do that because they're sore.
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yeah, when my boys got neutered a few weeks ago we didn't get cone collars either. Choripan was pretty much OK right away, Lears was visibly groggy & he had one eye totally dilated & the other wasn't. It lookes so weird, but he was OK in hte morning.
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Thanks for the replies everyone! I've been quite busy lately and haven't had time to get on here. It's now been 7 days since Kirby was being neutered. I took the advice of those on here, and Kirby and never used the cone once. He was a little groggy and sleepy that first night. They had him from 7am-5pm. I just made sure to keep a close eye on him for the first few days to make sure he wasn't licking/scratching at the incision and he absolutely didn't. The next day, he was pretty much back to his normal self. The vet told me to limit his running and jumping, but said cats are pretty good with only doing what they know they can. I removed his houses, etc just as a precaution although he has been climbing/jumping on other things. He was pretty much back to his normal self the following day.
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We had Wrangler neutered last Friday. I declined the "lamp shade". Had many cats over the years and never had a problem after being fixed. He has been a good boy leaving the site alone.

Don't think he spend much time in a cage at the vet-as they love him there...when the doctor called to tell me he was done and ok, he was actually laying in her lap!!)

We picked him up at 4:20, expecting calm relaxed kitty-NOPE-that boy didn't sleep until after 11 that night. I actually think he is more wild!? He had pain meds too-hated taking them.

Good luck with your new kitten!
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Attitude was spayed at 5 months old after she suddenly went into heat, got her in the next day. She bounced, and ran, and jumped around the house after getting home. Never needed collar, didn't care about stitches, and the vet laughed when I said I couldn't stop her from running and jumping(and I wasn't trying) and said they knew it was impossible. 'Fought' with her brother the second she was released inside. She had 3 days worth of pain killers(and she needed them) and she was fine. Only 'complication' was she had a stitch that didn't dissolve so it had to be removed by the vet(didn't matter, it was done when she was at the vet 2 or 3 weeks later for yet another eye infection.)

Nuts was neutered at 12 months old and he acted sore(no pain killers, but he didn't need them.) He didn't run or jump, he just moved a little slower and seemed sore but he was fine. He wouldn't even touch the area back there. He was 'glued' shut so no stitches for him.

Good luck with your new kitten.

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