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Pics of some of my babies

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This is Pinky or "big-pinks", "pinky-guy", "pinky-dinky-do". 3 year old, originally feral cat. "Saved" when his brother Ruby hung himself upside down in the clematis vine, and when I cut him free, he bit me. The vet said to quaranteen Ruby until we were sure he didn't have rabies. Of course he had to have his brother Pinky along for company.....looking quite feral these days, eh? hehehe
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This is the apple of daddy's eye, Scarlett. She turns 2 on 8/31. A rescue at 3 weeks when her mother disappeared. It was fate that the mother had her kittens on the front porch or we wouldn't have found them. AKA "Miss Scaaaaaahhhhhhhhlett", "I don't know nothing about birthin'babies", or "slut-kitty". She is the alpha female and rules her fiefdome with a stern paw. She is pictured in her favorite position - laying in her daddy's arms.
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This is Stumpy, sometimes known as "Stumpy-lumps", or "speed-bump". He is 8 years old and the obvious alpha cat in the house. He was a feral rescue at about 5-6 weeks old. We heard a kitten meowing out back of the house one day coming from the storm cellar. Apparently the mom brought him down there and a crate fell on his tail, cutting off about half of it (thus Stumpy). The poor little guy was besides himself, and I picked him up, carried him into the house, put him on my husbands chest and asked if we can keep him. Stumpy crawled up to Steve's neck, curled up in a ball, started purring and fell asleep. I guess his answer was "yes".
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This is Bogart, AKA "boogie man", "boogie boy", "boogs", "boog-meister". He is my 12-1/2 old senior and I actually adopted him from a litter at a petstore. He almost died at 8 weeks from rhino-virus and has had respiratory problems all his life. The vet warned us that he probably won't live past 10-11 years old due to his hard start in life. Last fall he was diagnosed with chronic renal failure and we've been doing the IV injections as he needs them. His favorite place in life is sleeping on my long hair - I lay it out on the pillow and he curls up on it all night long.
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They are beautiful babies, and lucky you found them. I love orange tabbies.
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This is Ruby, AKA "ruby-guy", "ruby-duby-do". He is the litter mate of Pinky, and the one that was fortunate to hang himself in the clematis vine and bite me at a young age. Another feral rescue, he is my baby that tested positive to FLV and we are trying to find him a home :-(. His favorite things in life are when I sing him my "ruby-duby-do" song and scratch his head. Not very demanding and my lover boy.
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Here is Bob Marley, AKA "bob-o", "bob-o-matic" and "busy-cat". He is 6 years old and my indoor/outdoor recently turned indoor cat. He is another feral rescue that I found in a box in my garage. He was the first litter of our imfamous "mom-cat" who is the sister of Stumpy and Mom of Pinky, Ruby, Bob, and grandmother of Scarlett, Muddy and Koko. She was a rookie with Bob's litter and he was the only one that we found. We HAD to save him!
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Beautiful orange babies! And Bogart is cute too! Love those pictures! Ruby's face is to die for.
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Yeah, we've had a great red-tabby dynasty for the last 10 years. "mom-cat" disappeared last month. I believe she was the source of the FLV within the kittens that I brought in 8 months ago. I tried for years to catch and neuter her to no avail. Instead, I captured her kittens and brought them in or found them homes. Her mother was a dark tortie and her grandmother a red-tabby. Mom gave us mostly BIG red-tabby males and small tortie females. My red dynasty is over :-(

Note that I call them "Red" tabbies, rather than orange or yellow, as they have the same hair color that I do. I wouldn't want to be called "orange-hair" or "yellow-hair". My vet refuses to call them red-tabbies. I just hold my hair out to him......
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LOL Another redhead here with red tabbies...Jules, Sunshine and Tillie, although Til is more of a strawberry blonde...
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Beautiful cats
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beautiful kitties you have there, they are so lucky to have you, im sure they have rewared you over and over for their rescue, i know mine has
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Post your poly!!!!!!!!
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What a beautiful furry family you have!
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You have four orangies! Your home must be my heaven...I love orangies.

They are ALL gorgeous.
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What is it about Kansas City and beautiful red tabbies? I found a little lump of red fur in the Petsmart parking lot on Hillcrest Drive, by the Hobby Lobby and Hypermart. He grew in to the most beautiful 22 lbs. of red tabby sweetness I have ever seen. A lady there wanted to use him in the Science Diet print ads. Unfortunately, he has gone to the Bridge.
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Here is my Eight-ball guy, AKA "goof-ball". Another feral rescue with his brother Tigger that I found in the rafters of my garage. We found them when Tigger fell down and we investigated. Their sister Molly lives with the neighbors. These are the most shy (particularly Tigger) in the house, although Eight-ball thinks he is Toonses the Cat (from Saturday night live). Eight-ball and Tigger are the half-brothers of Stumpy - they share the same Tortie mom.

P.S. KrazyKat: The closest Petsmart to my house is the one on Hillcrest Drive. I have spent a LOT of money there! Here-here for KC red tabbies! I'm sorry to hear about your loss.
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What cuties! I think I like 8ball the best!
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