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I adopted two kittens from an animal shelter and unfortunetly one has ringworm. He is being treated with medication from my vet. I have gotten two ringworms and am being treated by my doctor. What I need to know and didn't ask is: How long is this kitten infectious? He is clearing up; hair is growing back in all the places he lost hair. I would like to give him the run of the house when he isn't infectious. When can I safely do this? I have other cats and dogs and don't want them infected. Did you all know that ringworm is actually a fungus that grows in the shape of a circl? Wish I hadn't needed to know that! Thanks, Candy
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*ahem *ahem

have you tried using the search engine?
just click the search button and type in ringworm

you may want to select the:
search titles only option to narrow it down a bit
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Hi Candy,

Once the cat has ringworm it is very hard to get rid of. All the bedding,toys, brushes, dishes, etc for that cat needs to be decontaminated. Typically it is about a 6 week treatment program before it really goes away, and should be treated with topical and internal medication.
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Thanks, everyone! Candy
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