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Fellow cat lover newbie!

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Hello, everyone. My name is Cassandra. I am a 23 year old mother one one, happily attached but not married. I own four kitty cats that live with me, although my old kitties still live with my parents. I also have two joint kitty cats at Dans (fiance) fathers house. My kitties are as follows:

The Bengal Brood:
Cheetah- spotted tabby Bengal, with a little bit of rosettes
Mystic- silver black marbled Bengal
Tin Tin- brown spotted Bengal (lives at old house)
Houdini- Mother to all above, brown marble Bengal

Ewok- gray marbled domestic medium hair kitten I have bottle raised since he was two and a half weeks old

Spanky- lives at father in laws house, orange tabby

California kitties:
Thor- (kinda my families cat as the owner doesn't take care of him and my family pays for his food and vet bills
) Silver and white Himilayan
Blacky- black long haired kitty, 13 years old? I found him on Easter when in the 5th grade, along with his siblings behind a dumpster/wall
Ickeris- Norwegian Forest Cat mix
Baby- she was a present to me from my ex on my 18th birthday, from a petshop, grr. She's a WACKY cat lol! She's black and white shorthair

I also currently am a breeder of pedigreed fancy rats. My main focus this year is on dumbos in self and marked varieties in the following colors- American Blue, Russian Blue, mink and it's dilutes, and RED based colors. I really like selfs, but I also like the high white markings such as possum faced and dalmation and am a real sucker for blazes! I have a doe who is expecting her first litter any second and I am very excited. This is an all dumbo litter, with a possibility of merles!

My other pets are as follows:

Lucy- California Desert Tortoise whom I adopted when I was 17 from the Joshua Tree Tortoise Rescue. Lucy is actually a boy.
Geicko- white spot gecko
Speedy- chocolate chip hedgehog
Australian walking sticks, Leaf and Twig lol. Really original names lol
Morgan-female Golden we rescued from the local pound
I also do exotic animal rescue and today I will be taking in a chinchilla. I do not know what his name is but he has a spinal/head injury.

I am very involved with Bengal cat rescue and my rescue name is Bengals and Buddies. Ewok was part of that rescue, and I have had several others.

I will post pictures tonight, when I get the chance.

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welcome to the board!! I would love to see pics!
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Welcome aboard
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Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone! I will post pics of the kitties ASAP!
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Here is Ewok, the kitten whom I bottle raised.

Speedy, my hedgehog.

Some of my rattie boys.

My gecko
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I also forgot my little mouse. :emberassed: He is a wild house mouse whom my cat Cheetah caught and his name is Fred. He is the sweetest little mouse I could ask for! He has never bit and is always there to greet me at the cage. Such a friendly boy.

One of my ratty girls, Akita.

My boy Jexter.

Lucy, my tortoise

Speedy again:
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Wrinkles my hairless girl

Houdini, the momma Bengal cat

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Welcome to the site! Quite a menagerie you have. And very cute rats, I must say.

Working with a Bengal and exotic animal rescue, you must have some very interesting rescue stories. Perhaps you could check out our website www.savesamoa.org and perhaps would like to share some with us? (OK, shameless plug over. )

Enjoy your time here.
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Thanks! I do have some interesting stories, I will go check out the site.

I am trying to upload and edit pics to Imagestation of my cats, while I run back and forth from the computer to my room to check on the one doe here who is in labor. This is the most expected litter of the year!

One question though.....are we allowed to make threads about our other pets? THNX
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Most definitely! We may be called The Cat Site, but we're all just big ol' animal lovers here. We talk about everything under the sun in The Cat Lounge, so feel free!
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Ewok playing with his mousie, I love this pic!!!

What a FUNNY pic!

Mystic is actually a Bengal mix, as Houdini was let out by my neighbor on accident when she had her first heat. All my kitties are spayed/neutered now though, no more kitties, too many in shelters.
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Originally posted by valanhb
Most definitely! We may be called The Cat Site, but we're all just big ol' animal lovers here. We talk about everything under the sun in The Cat Lounge, so feel free!

Great! I would love to post pics of my ratty girl and her labor/birth if you all do not mind? I think birth is amazing for any amazing, and I love being a part of that.
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Wow love all of the pictures Welcome to the boards. I'm jealous I want Bengal kitties too
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Welcome Cass! You sound like a wonderful person! I'm Sam and I breed & Show Pedigree Persians. I also have 2 Rats a PEW called Sally and a Champagne Hooded called Jaffa! I also have 3 dogs.

I love all the pictures, Keep them coming!

Look forward to getting to know you even better!

..... Samantha
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Welcome!! I'm jealous,too. I want a Bengal so badly it hurts, but alas they are SOOOOOO expensive.
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Hi, i'm catherine. Forget bengal's I want your hedgehog Speedy. he's the cutest thing on 4 legs.
Question, How do your cats know the difference between play mouse and real mouse? That could be nasty!
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