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Tuna...good or bad?

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Our one Ragdoll has many allergies. Nine of which are food allergies. Because of this she is on Hills Prescription Z/D and nothing else. Well a couple of weeks ago she tasted her first tuna and loved it. Since she is not allergic to it we continued to give it to her....a small portion once a day. Our vet had no problem with it but we have heard from another source that it is not good for cats. Who's right?
Jim & Barb
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Click here for a thread where we discussed this before.
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Tuna is not bad for your cat if you are only giving her a little bit daily. It's when people feed their cat a diet of only tuna that it's bad because it doesn't contain all the proper nutrients that a cat needs. But a small portion here and there does not harm your cat as long as you are also feeding your cat a normal balanced diet. My cats also LOVE the tuna juice, when I make tuna I drain the can in a bowl and let them drink it and they go nuts over it.
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Tuna as a treat should be fine but too much tuna can cause vitamin E deficiency and can through off an otherwise balanced diet. Moderation is the key.
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An interesting article. We have tried other meats she is not allergic to like...canned chicken, beef and turkey. She sniffs it and then leaves. It's the tuna she wants and the other meats just aren't good enough. The same goes for our other Ragdoll. Although they eat their Hills very well we know they need more. Any suggestions?
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Well my cat loves tuna too! Sometimes when we fix it for ourselves we may give her a little. In the meantime tho, and for health try Special Kitty Flaked Tuna. It comes in a real small can, maybe 3 oz and is only about 25 cents. My cat loves it and apparently she likes the smell of it too because she comes running if I pull some of that out for her dinner.
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I had tuna issues some time ago with bobbie and zooey and UTI... I have since swopped to a japanese made tuna especially for cats, and i only give them about two teaspoons each mixed in with their dry food every other night...

so yes... moderation is key...
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Thanks Yzma & Krista,
Although we are far from Kuala Lumpur we do live in Indiana and would like to know where Krista buys her flaked tuna for cats. It's been over a week since Rags and Dolly have had anything besides the Hills ZD. We even tried some chicken livers and that too was sniffed at and left without a taste. Picky....picky!

Jim & Barb
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Hey, we got to good old Wal-mart! Its only a quarter and the brand name is SPECIAL KITTY. The cans are really small, 30z. Just look for the label and the price tag. Hope this helps
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Thanks...will head to Walmart this morning.
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