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Russian Blue?

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Does anyone happen to know the avg. price for a Russian Blue, korat, or British Blue?
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Unfortunately I can't set you up with a link to yahoo (can't figure out why either). Go into yahoo and search for cat breeds. It'll give you and A-Z of different breeds.

The price of a Russian Blue or Korat all depends on the breeder and the quality of cat you're looking for. Show quality is more expensive while pet quality is a little more reasonable depending on the breeder. Some breeders will retire studs and queens, spay or neuter them and sell them as household pets. That's probably your best bet.

I had a Korat that was rescued out of a NYC Kill Shelter. He was wonderful. I showed him in cat shows as a household pet until he became tired of it. Here's a picture. He had a great temperament although he could be "goofy" at times. He now lives as an only cat and has a great life with two people (friends of mine) who love him alot. His name was Tucker.

Good luck in your search. Please let us know how you make out.
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Usually, for a pet quality (not used for breeding or showing) will cost around $500+. :tounge2:
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You can get a cross like Tucker in rescue (you can see Tucker's eyes are the wrong color for a purebred Korat and he has a locket, which is also not allowed in show)and many of these cats have the personality of the breed they resemble. Most of the breeders I know will let a pet go for anywheres from $400 to $600, depending on age, and which breed you choose. I too have a domestic who appears to be a Russian Blue cross - he has the green eyes and proper shaped face and is a small boned cat. Judges have seen both Donna's Tucker and my Karma and have said the same - they strongly resemble their respective breed. So it really depends on what you want - if you want to show, then by all means go to a breeder - if you want a purebred but don't care if it is a kitten or showable, go to the individual breed rescue and if you don't care if it is completely purebred, check out the general rescues.
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