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This is pitiful..

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Our remaining cat for the first time in 4 days since we lost the older gal came upstairs and is looking around corners and doors for her friend.

Man I am getting misty eyed again..
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Cats have to grieve, it is natural for them to do this, especially if the two of them spent any time together. Sometimes it helps to give the surviving cat, the other's blanket or bed, or something that still retains the smell of their feline friend. It also helps to talk to the survivor and tell him and her what happened. Cats really do understand our words.
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I agree with what has already been mentioned. Two years ago we had the vet come to our home to put our cat Midnight to sleep. Snowball and I were with Midnight when the vet gave her the injection, and it did seem to help him understand. We also talked to Snowball and told him that Midnight was dead and could never be with us again. Snowball never really looked around for his missing friend, but he still went through a period of grieving that lasted a couple of months. Our cats had spent 10 years together.

It might help to comfort both you and your remaining cat if you spent extra time with her and gave her some extra cuddling.
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Misty eyes will be the way of it for a while -- share them with the kitty who's looking around corners...

I heartily concur with all that's been said. And, like humans, they each have their own way of dealing with their grief.

When our Samantha disappeared several years ago, her litter mate, Suzy, was just as keenly looking for her as we were -- to the point, one evening, of leading me from the back porch, down the stairs, across the back lawn, through the gate, across the lane, to a neigbour's carport, where there was some furniture under a tarp, which she sniffed around minutely, looking at me frequently. You tell me -- was she saying that Sam had been there, trying to give me a lead to follow? I think so. Not that it took us anywhere useful, but she sure tried.

And when wonderful neurotic old Nibs (Grampy Cat)finished his innings the following summer, leaving Suzy on her own, Sooz would also wander around, stopping in his favourite places and look up at us with the most soulful eyes, and meow with a definite question mark. It was harder to give her the extra cuddles we wanted to, because she is such a reserved kitty, and really doesn't like to be mushed with most of the time.

But you do what you can for each other -- and that's probably the key: for each other.
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I may not have gone thru the pain of losing my beloved kitties but i know they need time to grieve especially when a playmate or somebody close is no longer around. Do give them time and once in a while give them extra cuddles, extra talking time and all but pls let them know that life will be the same no matter what happens.
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Our Sadie still looks for her son Bramble who went missing at the beginning of June. She looks at me as though I have the answers as to where he is and what he is doing, but I am just as confused and heartsore as she is.

It is only recently that I have come across the idea that your other pets should see the body of the pet that has died. When my friend had to have her retriever put to sleep earlier this year, the Vet who came to the house told her to let the cats in to see her once she had finally gone. The cats and dog were inseperable, but this seemed to help them accept that she had gone much more quickly.

I know that you are missing your cat too. {{Hugs}}
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