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Black Kitten Turning Grey

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I found a stray cat a few months ago and he was completely black. When he was around 10 weeks old he starting getting gray on his belly and now it has spread, week by week, around his whole body. He is still mainly black but has silver/ gray patches all over and when I look at the hair next to his skin it is white. I was just wondering if anyone has had this happen or knows what it may be. I will try to post pics later this afternoon. Thanks!

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The undercoat is lighter than the guard hairs/tips. His coat is simply starting to grow in and with winter, the undercoat thicken.

If you could share a good picture (try to use natural light later) it could be determined if he's a particular color other than black.
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My Midnight started off as an all black cat. That's why I named him Midnight. He began getting grey, white, and even stripes in him. He even started off with a short hair tail and now his tail is fluffy. I never saw a cat change colors before. But I assume it's normal.
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It looks to me like he's going to be a long hair kitty. That could be part of the color change as well....???
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Yeah. I am just curious to see what color he turns out to be when he is an adult.
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I was just looking online trying to figure out why my black kitten is turning grey then i saw your post. She and her two litter mates were abandoned by my neighbor at our house and we kept her because she was so cute and all black. As she has gotten older the all black with a patch on her tummy and a patch of grey on her chest has gone to black tipped grey but still mostly grey to lately the grey is expanding around up on to her sides. I saw your pics and darned if it didn't look like Shimmer. She is now around 3 or 4 months old and it looks like she is gonna keep getting grey.
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