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White eyelids?

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A few months ago I began to notice that my cat would get some sort of weird white eyelids partially covering his eyes when he squinted or was in a room with not much light. They dont cover his eyes completly but usually around 30-50%. They dont originate from the top of his eyes but rather from the bottom center of his eyes ( the lower portion closest to the nose )

Does anyone know is this is normal ?

ps. he is about 10 years old and he is a male
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From what you are describing, that is known as the third eyelid. Usually when you can see it like that, it signals a health issue going on with your cat. My suggestion would be you call your vet and get your cat in to be checked out.
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Agree with Hissy - take you kitty to the vet. Third eyelids are usually a sign that something is wrong.
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I can see Zoey's third eyelid sometimes when she yawns or closes her eyes partially, but if the cat is just sitting there normal and you can see the third eyelid that could be a sign of a health problem and I agree that the cat should be seen by a vet.
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Hey there grimlock...
Did you take your kitty to the vet?
Any idea what was causing the problem yet?
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