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I'm the Bargain Queen!

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This morning I got up bright and early so I could go downtown to the Furniture store. They had advertised that they were having a Warehouse sale that had LOTS of clearance items and some scratch & dent things. Since I'll be moving in the next couple of months I thought this would be a great opportunity to get some cheap stuff for my apartment. When I got there, people were going nuts over this stuff! They had some nice couches, remanent carpet, couple tables and lots of old used Recliners. I really needed a couch, but they were either anciently old & gross or brand new with VERY expensive price tags. I ended up getting an oak endtable that was missing the top shelf (but I think I can rig something crafty up to make it look nice) for $10 and a computer desk (one side has a crack in it, but I think I can glue it together & dab some varnish on it) for $15. No couch or recliner. The couch I really wanted was $400...can't afford that one! The other one I really liked was $250 and it was a hideaway bed/couch. I figured it would be a real b*tch to move since it'd be so heavy. Maybe I'll hit a couple auctions this next month...usually they've got descent things at those. I almost bought a ChromCraft table, but a lady beat me to it. It was only $25! Dang...that was a bargain!
Oh well...I'll find more junk soon enough!
Any other Bargain Shoppers here?
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Shopping is my favorite sport, Shell! Bargain shopping is best of all!
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Oh I am bargin queen.
I just got a 32 piece dinner set for what would be $20 and a bedside cabinet fro wait for it $2. Yes!! It's a bit dusty & old looking but a good sand and some varnish and we'll be good to go!
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wow, way to go shell! The newer sofa bed's are a lot lighter .I have one and it is easy to move.
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Originally posted by merlot
Oh I am bargin queen.
I just got a 32 piece dinner set for what would be $20 and a bedside cabinet fro wait for it $2. Yes!! It's a bit dusty & old looking but a good sand and some varnish and we'll be good to go!
That's an awesome buy! Way to go!! One time when I was at an auction with my then boyfriend we got the best bargains. He got a vaccuum cleaner for $5 and a chair for $2. Then when we were loading up the stuff, the auctioneer said that everyone left before it was over & wanted to know if he wanted a couch, a bed and a kitchen table w/chairs....FREE! He figured why not for THAT price!
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shell remember paint doesn't cost to much,amd it goes a long way.I painted my night stands.it did.t take a long time to sand them. And there is so many colors! And shades!
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I did that when my Aunt gave me a bookcase headboard and a nightstand. They were in terrible condition, but I knew I could make them look good. After watching all those Home Decorating shows, I think I learned a bit! They turned out pretty good considering it was all a learning process. I won't be taking my bed with me when I move, so that another thing I need to get. I figured it would be smart to leave it here so if I come back for a weekend I've got something to sleep on! Our couches are not that comfortable!

Thanks Sherral!
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It seems when you have a particular bargain in mind, something else ends up being the bargain you get, but that's half the fun!

I was raised by a bargain hunting mother who used to take me to Thrift Shops and auctions. I learned the thrill of anticipation in stores where you never knew what you might find.

Do you have any Goodwill stores in your area? There are often sofas at the ones here.

I did find one item I was looking for recently. I had been planning to buy a new China cabinet and found one there for $200. I was expecting to pay $800 for a new one, so I was thrilled. I was glad I had the dibs on it since I had already inquired with a clerk about it, when another lady started seriously looking at it. You wouldn't believe how many people wished they would have beat me to that China cabinet when it was there with a SOLD sign on it.

The stores have gotten highly popular around here in the Southern Indiana/Louisville area and get a lot of donated items. They also have an arrangement to buy and resell clearance and slightly damaged items from Target Stores locally.

I have a Sterlite cabinet and chest of drawers bought at reasonable prices at Goodwill (they were new from Target) where I store a lot of gift items I find at Goodwill or on sale at other stores.

I can't say enough for their stores.
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No Goodwill or Thrift Stores here, but where I'm moving to there is a couple of them. I love going to those kinds of stores! I always look for name brand things...it's amazing how cheap you can get stuff!
I bought a couple pairs of Gap jeans for $3.50 each, a pair of Columbia Golf shorts for $2.00 and brand new Nike shoes for $5!

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be checking them out when I get up there!
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My favorite was the auctions. There aren't too many left anymore that sold boxes of stuff. I used to like to see what I got for a quarter or fifty cents. People are getting smart now or maybe dumb cause stuff is going much higher than it used too. Especially if it is touted an antique.

When I first was married (a long time ago) we furnished our living room for less than $50. That was couch, chairs, tables etc.

Bargains are still there, you just have to be careful.

Also, if you have a Big Lots, they have reasonable furniture.

Good luck with your bargain hunting.
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