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Everyone, please read this story!

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The city of Bay Point is located right next to Antioch. Please read the latest news story in the Contra Costa Times.

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This type of stuff never ends! I am outraged whenever I read anything like this - I hope that they will find the a** and do the same thing to him!
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I'm with Debra. This stuff never ends. And not to stereotype these type of situations, almost every single story I read it's a person of the male persuasion that does the abusing. Like the story about the men who set fire to a cat. I am so sick of it. I'm sure there ARE women out there who are just as guilty, but it is almost ALWAYS young boys and men. And I'm also sure that I'll be dead long before anything major is done about atrocities like animal abuse.


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That is just sickening. I don't know how people can be so creul. The sad thing is it will never end.
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I wanted to respond to all of you that have posted replies to my message concerning the story in our newspaper. Although, we all initially think of men as being the culprits in a situation like this and I am in a greement with all of you that the perpetrator of this crime was more than likely male.
But I also wanted everyone to know that two of the biggest promoters of Pit Bull Ring fighting in this country are women. Anyone who is engaged in this activity will tell you that dog fighting rings are illegal and that to "pit" one animal against another in a "dual to the death" is not their goal.
However, I would like to ask everyone who reads this message to visit the following web site, http://www.badrap.org. When you go this web site be sure to go to every single link you find on this web site. You will notice that when you leave this web site the address will never show up in your browser's history, you know, the file that keeps record of the web sites you have visited. I find this to be very curious.
Anyway, as you visit all the links on this web site, pay particular attention to the so-called training activities and methods that they use to train these pit bulls into being sweet natured, fun loving, harmless dogs. Yeh! Right! And my grandmother could ski downhill at 94 years of age, too.
Most of the web sites you will visit are sponsored by these two women. Pass it along to your friends, co-workers and fellow cat lovers and also pass along them the story in our newspaper. Lets see what kind of votes we get on what the real purpose for these dogs really is?

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That enrages me!!! That is so sickening! In a town not too far from me, a man was arrested for dog-fighting and was charged with that plus he had his 1 yr.old son in the next room! There is a special place for people like that, don't think there isn't!!
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Theres not alot that makes me this mad! How can people do this to defenceless creatures! arrgghhh! It really does make me wonder about the intellegence of these people! It angers me so much to see continual reports of such horrific animal abuse, it makes me want to to go to every rescue centre and adopt everything! - Just to try and make up for the suffering they may have gone through! If only there was a definate way to stop people acting so cruelly! Also, have you read the thread about poor little Westy? - the poor little guy was set on fire and thrown from a moving vehicle! - He had 50% burns, and had to have a leg amputated as well as both tips of his ears due to infection from the burn wounds! Thankfully he has recovered now and is , I believe, up for adoption, lets pray he gets a wonderful home if he hasn't already!

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Yes, it is sickening, isn't it. This is why I am so fearful as to what has happened to the 330 cats that are missing from pet owners here in our town.
Have you read the post "Please Help Us! Over 250 cats have disappeared!" Well, that is my post and at that time, which was only three weeks ago, 250 cats had been reported missing (its more like disappeared, vanished into thin air) by families living here in our town. That number has increased to 330 cats since I posted that message. I have lost two sweet innocent little souls to this tragedy and there are others who have reported 2,3 & 4 cats that have disappeared from their family.
Please read my earlier posting, I think you will be quite taken back by everything we have gone through to get some answers about our beloved pets.

Thank you for your support!

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Has there been any progress on that situation of the cats missing? I have been thinking about it a lot.

Also, I went to the website you had above and it didn't even show up in my last 10 places visited. That is soooooooo weird!
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We are still working on the case. It is just slow going as I am the only local citizen who can gather the info for the detectives on the case.

About the web site, yes, it is weird. The only web sites that I know of that are set up in such a way are the porno sites. They do this for protection, protection for their visitors and protection for themselves. In case someone gets caught visiting their web site, they can just skip out to another site real quick and no one
will be able to go into their browser's history and find the underground web site.

It makes me sick. I suppose everyone has heard about the little ten year old boy that was attacked by three pit bulls. He will lose both of his ears and go through many years of recovery, both physically and mentally. It is truly a sad story.

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