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Right now it's 79 in my house. It's cooler than outside cause I live in a basement suite. Outside it's sunny and hot. When I go to work and run around like a chicken with my head cut off - I could sure use one of those Khaki Classic Cool vests from the heat relief depot. But I'm not about to spend $150 American on comfort for work.
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It is currently 104 freaking degrees!!! What is the weather like right now in your neck of the woods?
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Our lovely balmy high for the day is 100 with a heat index of 110-112. We are under a heat advisory. Our airconditioner broke the other day, it is now fixed thank goodness, and our house was a lovely 88 inside.
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Yowzaas!!! Now its 107 heat index at 115!!!! I can't do 88 inside the house, must be 78 which is why our bills are high and the electric dept knows this so they jack up the prices during summer heat waves. Thank goodness your AC was fixed just in time, Houstonians can't survive without AC especially because of the humidity.
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Yep! We keep ours set at 77/78 and that's with the ceiling fans running. Do you guys at least cool off at night? Our lows have been around 80/81, the norm is around 76/77.
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Yes, after 8pm when the sun is no longer breathing down our house, it cools off and we blast the AC at 76 since we can't seem to sleep if it goes above 77 plus the fan on, even my son who is 10 months old is the same way, likes it cold and hates being covered with anything, sleeps like us I reckon! The nights cool off at 86 around 9 or 10 pm by then I water the grass since the heat isn't there to steal it. Icky weather!!! I'm so sorry you're in Houston, it's not as bad here as it is there I think.
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It's about 80 here today, but there is 87% humidity. It feels like I'm swimming through the air. Ugh!
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Blech! About the same as Houston here in San Antonio, not quite as humid, thank goodness!. We keep the thermostat at 80-85 in the daytime, and 78 at night. Don't forget if you keep your thermostat high that you may need to keep some medicines (like my prescription allergy eyedrops-found that out the hard way-expensive mistake!) in the fridge so they don't lose effectiveness.
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awwww!!! thanks for the reminder!!!
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That is freaking HOT! I know when I was down there it was very hot but I don't think it was 110! YIKES! Is it that hot down in Yuma too? That is where my daughter is.

Utah is finally getting some relief. It's only been 98-99 the last couple of days. We have a cold front coming in this weekend and it's supposed to cool off to 96! But at least we got past the triple digits! I think we had something like 20 days in triple digits in July.
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'cold front' made me chuckle, even though a few drops in temps does make a difference. today the high was 110 and now its 102 at 8 pm!
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ERHHHHH NZ aint backward!!!!! LMAO
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Yep - Like Hissy said Kim I live in NZ!
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People always think Southern Florida is so hot, but compared to some places it really isn't. The average temps here in FL are on this chart: The average high in July around here is only 90 degrees.
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