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Do all cats get along

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I want to bring wendy to my friends house and she has a cat. The both cats have never been around other cats. I dont know what to do. I dont want to leave wendy home alone for 2 days.

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from what I have seen, cats normally don't like other cats right off the bat. It takes awhile for them to get used to the smell of the other cat. Although every once in awhile cats just accept other cat no problem.
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Just like people, some cats are social and some are loners. I have been extremely lucky in that my cats for the most part get along very well.

Tillie and Coal aren't thrilled to live with other cats, and will occasionally hiss at the others if they get in their "space". But ost of the time, they just ignore the other cats.

Phoenix, on the other hand, from the moment she met the other cats, decided that it was her job to groom each and every one of them, at least once a day. She is a very social cat and craves both human and feline company.
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Cats must be introduced slowly.

I would give your friend a key to your home and have them come over for play time and care.

If you bring Wendy to your friends house it could lead to alot of stress.

If you have a few weeks before you leave, you can try to introduse them slowly, a day at a time.

Place your cat in a crate and set the crate on the floor of your friends home. (Some kitties will react to this positivly and some cats may be freaked out for days/weeks.)Let the kitties sniff each other for about 3-5 minutes. If the reaction is negitive. Remove your cat immediatly.

Do this every day for a week and make sure to rub your friends cat with a towel and use this towel to rub on your cat, and then back on the first cat as this will blend their scent.

Good luck

If this is a friend you visit alot it may not be much of a problem as your kitty has smelled the other cat on you and your clothes.
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DO you guys think it is ok to bring Wendy to my friends house. wendy i 11 months old and the other cat casey is 3 or 4 yrs old i was think casey will sense that wendy is still a kitten or is that not true
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Are both cats fixed?
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Yes they are they are allso both female is that bad
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Well.... I don't have that much experience with cats interacting but here's my two cents worth:
If you're getting your own room at your friends house, then maybe you can set her up there with her litter, and food etc. And then hopefully you can work out a schedule with your friends cats, so that wendy can come out and smell around a bit and be with you etc. And while wendy is out, maybe your friend will put her cats in a bedroom or a spare room etc.

It really depends on how accomodating your friend is willing to be with you and your cat.

The main thing is that you don't want wendy to be alone right? It'll be a bit easier for you in this situationas your aim is not to make friends out of the cats. So as long as you and your friend take great pains to keep all the cats, out of each others way, i think it'll be okay for two days.

But you might want to make absolutely sure you bring kitty litter. your cats own box. And if you're going to bring new kitty litter, then just bring a little bit of the old stuff too... just to make ABSOLUTELY sure your kitty knows where to go and doesn't go on the bed or anything...

If you're careful enough it should be okay...

Good luck
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The fact that they are both spayed is a good thing. It means there is less likelihood of fighting, as there won't be hormones involved
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If you bring Wendy to your friends house it could lead to alot of stress.
I agree with dragonlady also though... you could stress the other cat out.
I think it would be less stressful if you're not going to try and get them to be friends. If they totally don't see the other cat, but just sort of smell the other cat, it won't be so bad... But you will be stressing them out if you put them in the same room and expect them to play.

I think you have to be very clear about your objectives.
If you want the cats to be pals you'll need as dragonlady said a very long introductory period. Because it does take a while no matter how old they are, unless they're both kittens.

If you just want wendy to have company, as in human comapny, then, you may be able to work around your friends cat. SO essentially you would have to do everything so that neither cat really knows the other cat is there.
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thank you guys i will do that keep them apart. i dont want to stress wendy or casey out so that is what in going to do thank you for all your help this is a great site.

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