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Is it possible to find affordable Bengals.

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I'm wondering if it is possible to find affordable Bengal kittens? I can't afford the $600 - $2000 that I see almost everyone is asking for them. I think they are so beautiful and I would give anything within my power to have one.

I think they are still kind of rare, not common like Siamese or Persains, so that might be why they are so very expensive. However, I wish there was a way a person like me, could own one as well.
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Check for a bengal rescue. Or adopt an older retired stud or queen.
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Have you thought about Rescueing one? That might be an option for a cheaper one since usually you'd just pay for the adoption and traveling expenses. But from what I've gathered on the Net is that Bengals are becoming quite popular and there aren't many that need rescueing.
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What gorgeous cats!
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Hi - I have a 1 1/2 yr. old male Bengal that needs to be rehomed.

The problem is that he needs to go with someone who knows lots about Bengals and maybe even has another one. He does not get along with my one Aby, to the point that he has caused bites and infections. Ugh.

There would be no cost. I live on the east coast, in VT.

If you are interested, please email.

P. S. The one rule of thumb that I use is that if you cannot afford to buy the cat, then you probably cannot afford to keep it either. Much like a car. I would never be able to afford a Mercedes, cause I cannot afford the up keep. In many ways, the same is true for cats. The more expensive the more likely they will need constant medical attention and up keep. I am not an authority on this by the way!
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Hope, DragonLady knows someone who transports cats. PM her for the info.

Best of luck!
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Oh the first Bengal kitty there just stole my heart.I've always wanted a Maine Coon. Hmm i wonder if John would go for 3 cats??lol
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OMG it says they may put him to sleep I wish i could get him here somehow but i'm in BC Canada and i have no vechile....
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Here are a few pictures of Ti, the cat that needs to be rehomed.

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Originally posted by Sas
Hi - I have a 1 1/2 yr. old male Bengal that needs to be rehomed.

The problem is that he needs to go with someone who knows lots about Bengals and maybe even has another one. He does not get along with my one Aby, to the point that he has caused bites and infections. Ugh.

There would be no cost. I live on the east coast, in VT.

If you are interested, please email.

P. S. The one rule of thumb that I use is that if you cannot afford to buy the cat, then you probably cannot afford to keep it either. Much like a car. I would never be able to afford a Mercedes, cause I cannot afford the up keep. In many ways, the same is true for cats. The more expensive the more likely they will need constant medical attention and up keep. I am not an authority on this by the way!
I have 2 Siamese and a Persian, and they are fairly expensive cats. I can afford to take care of my cats, but let's face it. $2000 is a lot of money to pay when you're a working girl on a medium income, living in an expensive city, like Los Angeles.

My one cat, Snoopy is 17, almost 18 years old. My other Siamese is 6 and my Persain is only 2.

I have never owned a Bengal, but I adore them, and want to own one. I wouldn't want a cat who has problems with other cats, though. My 6 Year old Siamese is not too socialable either. He likes my Senior cat, I think, only because the the Senior was here before him. He doesn't like the Persian, although he doesn't hurt him, he does have the Persian cautious of him, and very careful not to tread too closely, if you know what I mean.

I've heard Bengals aren't much more difficult than a Siamese, and I love Siamese because of their personalities. Some people think they are mean cats, but I could never find a sweeter more loving cat that my Old guy. The younger one is pretty tempermental, but I love him as well.

What is it about Bengals, that people think are so hard to deal with. I keep hearing that you should have already had experience with Bengals. What is so difficult about them?
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Hi, I wish I could answer you with some back ground knowledge, but I can't.

Ti is a love bug, but does not get along with my older Aby. He seeks her out, like a heat seeking missle, attacks her, bites her and while he is doing that, she is peeing and pooping all over the place, scared to death. Ti is fine with the other Aby kitten, in fact, he runs from the Aby kitten sometimes. Go figure.

I have a cat behaviorist coming to the house on 8/7. If you could see the damage that was done to the older Aby, you would understand why I would like to rehome him.

Why are Bengals so odd? Well, I think some are not socialized by the breeders. I think that is what is wrong with Ti. I will know more later. I just don't see my situation changing any with my older Aby, thus Ti must get rehomed.

Bengals are shy cats, for the most part. They are big, territorial, and have muscles galore. Ti weighs 15 lbs. and he is still considered a kitten.

Why did I get him? It's a long story, but I was looking for an Aby kitten and ended up with a Bengal. I knew they were known for being strong and territorial. The breeder where I got him, told me that he had grown up with a female Aby and was very social. Not true. I think they let him rough house way too much. What the heck do I know.

They are beautiful cats. They are very strong cats. They are very smart cats. Ti opens doors - I have double locks on all my doors now. He retrieves just like a dog. He howls when he wants something.... He is very sweet, too. He lets me do anything I want to him....but he hates Miley, the older Aby. I don't mind if they don't get along, but I will not allow cats to damage one another.

Still want a bengal?
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Yes, I still want a Bengal, and you're Bengal is beautiful, by the way. My Shane the 6 year old Siamese, is much like you say, Ti is. He's very territorial, and very shy around strangers. He will have NOTHING to do with ANYONE but me. He doesn't hurt or damage the other cats, but he does not befriend them. Well, actually, I think he'd like to be friends with my Snoopy (my Senior) but Snoopy doesn't really care for him, because Shane is too rough, and too agressive. The thing is, unlike your Ti, Shane is not really very loving to me. He growls at me, if I want my chair, and I ask him to let me have it. He gets angry with I want to cuddle with him. He does retrieve, and he just adores me, if I let him go into the bathroom with me, but if I say "no", he throws a tantrum. Shane probably weighs 20+ pounds. He's huge.

Anyway, yes I do want a Bengal. I know that my old guy's time is coming soon, and it just breaks my heart, but I also know that I need a loving an affectionate cat, like my Snoopy. I love unique and unusual cats, and Bengals are soooooo beautiful.
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The best way to describe a bengal is "quirky." My boyfriend goes as far as saying "feral" but I think that's kind of an exagerration.
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I agree, at least Ti is quirky. He is sweet and gentle in some respects and violent in other ways! Gosh.

I think Ti would be fine with an agressive cat to put him in his place, or a fearless kitten. There is no in between it seems.

I am sure I will find him a nice home, one that is just right for him. I am in not great hurry and will wait until the right home comes along.

He is a special kitty and deserves much more than I can give him. He is also very, very handsome.

Yes, I am, but I cannot keep putting Miley, the Aby at risk. I cannot trust Ti now, not even with the kitten at this point.

I will let you guys know what the behaviorist has to say.

Here is a picture of Ti giving Juni, the Aby kitten, a bath.

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Bengals really are very sweet cats. I have a young 8 month old female, and she is a little ball of energy! She is very affectionate, but like most kittens doesn't like to be held still when she's wide awake. She showers with me every day, dives right into the bathtub, goes absolutely berserk at the smell of meat, and carries her little fur toys with her everywhere she goes. They are different..
Maybe the Bengals people have trouble with are the F1 and F2's with more leopard cat blood in them? To avoid some of the more 'wild' behaviours, make sure you get and SBT cat!
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I sure would LOVE to take Ti. I'm a little concerned, though, that he might not like my elderly cat, Snoopy, and Snoopy has no way to defend himself anymore, since he had to have all of his teeth removed. I'm sure he and my other Siamese Shane would be equals.

I remember when I was a child, everyone used to say the same stuff about Siamese cats: You know how they were mean, and that you couldn't trust them. Well, my cat Snoopy is and has always been the sweetest most loving cat, and Shane, though not as loving, isn't vicious, like we were always told. I'm sure I'd have no problem with a Bengal. In my opinion, it's all in the way you love them.
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I really don't think you should say that "its the way you love them" in the same post about not having any problems with Bengals. Ti cannot be more loved here at my home. He gets more attention than any of the cats! He deserves more and better! He needs another Bengal kitty to play with. He deserves someone who is more familiar with Bengals than I am. He has special needs and only Bengal owners know that about most Bengals. I am not saying he is handicapped but that he has a quirky little personality that may or may not include biting other cats. Do you want to use your toothless kitties as a test? I don't think so! I think Ti needs a bigger, more bad kitty to rule him!

As I said in an earlier post, I will wait to see what the behaviorist has to say about him.

I love Ti Ti and I think he knows it.

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No, I don't think I should use my toothless kitty as a test. Like I said, that's what has me concerned. I know a few first time Bengal owners, who have had no problems with their Bengal. So, I guess it just depends on the cat and the personality of the other cat. Perhaps the kitty of yours that he picks on, is not agressive enough, and your Ti, senses that. I know my elderly Siamese isn't agressive enough, and my young Persian senses that, and he has my old boy scared to walk across the living room.

When I was talking about "its all in the way you love the cat", I was referring to Siamese. Like I said, we were always warned that Siamese were mean, quirkey, and very difficult to deal with. I have found them to be sweethearts, and I guess I was meant that I have always had sweet Siamese, because I showed them lots of love and lots of cuddling from kittenhood.

It sounds to me like your Bengal is just fine with people and the one kitten of yours, but has a problem with the older cat. So, I'm sure you have given him lots of love.
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I have a bengal who definitly *tries* to be the alpha male, but really always ends up submitting. It doesn't help that the king of the castle is almost 20lbs. My Toby is a small cat, not all bengals are huge. Although he's no-fat-pure-muscle he still isn't extremely strong. In fact he seems to have a bad sense of balance and spatial awareness (not being able to jump as high as my other cat and having to think about it for a while first). Not to say that he's weak or even sickly. Quite the opposite, he's very bright and full of energy. He just isn't as powerful or intelligent as the DSH. One thing he has over brute strength is a Terminator-like resolve to keep trying to win. This can be annoying to the older cat.

I'm actually a bit concerned because I'm moving back home with my parents and Toby will be living with two significantly older, cranky cats, and away from his lifelong friend who is only a year and a half older than him. The two older cats easily double his weight each and have lived quietly with each other for a long time. They rarely playfight. They are basically furniture, hehehe. Toby plays 24/7 so I'm sure it's going to take some serious adjusting. I brought my exboyfriends DSH home for a week one year when he was on vacation. The two older cats hissed at him all week. They don't warm up to strangers very quickly.

Sasha I nickname devil cat. She is the Ultimate Diva. She takes FOREVER to adjust to new pets:

Howard has never met a stranger and is the sweetest cat. But when I was catsitting for my ex I think he learned to hate from Sasha and he was the meanest kitty I'd ever seen him be before!

Poor little Toby! At once the most timid and outgoing cat I've ever had. A being of oppossites! Just like me! (Gemini )
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Your Bengal is beautiful Lynx, and your big red tabby pretty handsome as well.

I guess I'm gonna just have to wait until I get some money saved, so I can get a Bengal kitten. I would happily adopt an older Bengal, but with a kitten it probably would be easier for it to have respect for my elder boy. A grown cat might want to pick on the old guy.
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I never have been able to understand why some people want Bengals to go to people who've had them before either. "Quirky" as somebody else said is a good way to describe them, but there's nothing that strange about them. Mine is more talkative, and definitely much louder than the other cats, is fairly active & likes water (he digs in the water bowl, which drives me nuts), other than that he is just a regular cat. I think the biggest shock I got was when I got my Siamese cat. LOL.

If you want a cat who will sleep 23 hours a day, then a Bengal probably wouldn't suit, other than that they're fine. One word of caution though, buy from a cattery where the cats are very well socialised! & the Bengals have had lots of interaction with humans.

I don't know why but I've found purebred cats are more expensive in America (I'm in Australia). I paid $1000.00 (around $400-450US)for my Bengal, who is show quality, but on another Aussie site I see them being sold for around $500.00 Australian (about $200-250US). Bengals in particular have come down a lot in price in the past year or so since we have a lot more breeders here now.

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Hi Misha,

I've noticed that Siamese cats can be pretty "quirky" themselves. My old 17 1/2 year old Siamese has calmed down alot, so he's really mellow these days, but when he was young, he was curtain climber, very active boy, who played fetch and who had a thing about glasses of liquid. I could never leave a glass of water, milk or soda around, because he always put his paw in it and tipped it over. He could never stand to see a full glass of any liquid without tipping it over. My 6 year old Siamese is even more of a character, and he is highly intelligent.

From what I have studied about Bengals, in many ways they have a lot of the same traits as Siamese. That's what I'm looking for. I'm definately not looking for a kitty that sleeps all of the time. I like a little bit of the devil in my kitties.

I feel like everyone has to be a first time Bengal owner, at some point. I also figure that if I'm used to some pretty quirky Siamese cats, I should adjust easily to the quirks of the Bengal. In fact I'm sure I'll just adore what ever Bengal I will be lucky enough to bring into my life.
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Hi HopeHacker,

In my opinon, I'd say that Bengals are similar to Siamese. They're very active, quite naughty & very loud. Well, that's to say MY Bengal is. You can make generalisations but you can't say every Bengal is like that obviously.

I will admit that my Bengal isn't the smoochiest of cats, and I thought that it was a Bengal thing. But, I've got to know a few Bengal breeders & they assure me that it's not the case. I just don't think my Bengal was given as much socialisation as he could have been given. This is why I made a point of really picking your breeder properly. Make sure he/she handles the cats daily.

The one thing I was surprised about was just how loud Loki meows. I have two Siamese & they pale in comparison to my Bengal. He really yells at you. I must admit though I like loud cats, and I like naughty cats, so Loki suited me fine. He's even mellowed out a bit & is definitely more cuddly than he used to be, but where my Burmese are ALWAYS looking for a lap to cuddle up on, Loki will only come to you for cuddles on his terms. I know there are people who want cats to be seen but not heard. My auntie is like that, she has three cats and they have only limited interraction with her, but if you want a cat that will be a BIG part of your life, then a Bengal would probably suit.

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Bengals have more energy than most cats. Some say they don't I say they do. JMO

Bengals are not rare you can find a ton of Bengal breeders all over the world.

I would not say you have to have had a Bengal in the past to own one.Bengals are no different than any other cat. However to own a foundation Bengal (first 3 generations from the leopard cat) I would say yes then.

Being a Bengal breeder I can tell you pet quality Bengals start at $500 and go up. However if you are looking for a Bengal to breed prices start at $1000 and go up. When buying a Bengal you should vist the breeder and get to the kittens in their home. If you can not handle the cat/kitten or the breeder can not handle them then go some place else. You should be able to handle a Bengal without a problem. My Bengals are very loving almost to loving. I have a few who ride on my shoulder. Some who shower with us. Yes, some of them love water. I have some who like to get in the cupboards.

Try looking at and

I am more than happy to help anyone with questions. Best way to contact me is email. I don't come to the site very often.
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Have you found a home for him yet?
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Ti, the Vermont bengal, has a new home. Thank you Beth, for adopting him.

May you both (along with your other dear pets) live happily ever after.

Thanks so much,
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A cat came into the shelter this past week who definitely looks like she has some Bengal in her. She has a very wedged face and incredible swirling markings.

Give Lily a peek:
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She's a cutie. But a little too far away for me to travel.
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