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bathing a cat

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I bathed Brandy last night in the bath - I am totally amazed at his skill to get in to different positions that a contorsionist would be jealous of. Anyway, we have a bath as most people with smooth sides that you could not grip onto with finger nails.
Brandy, however and despite the fact that I clipped his front claws the other night managed to grip a completely smooth bath side and hold on. How the heck did he do that ?
poor thing looked like a drowned rat after - but if he will go under the car and investigate!!!

kev - still looking at the bleeding scratch marks on arms and chest

what do you call a cat that just ate duck?
A duck filled fatty puss!

Should you clip a cats back claws at all - am sure I was advised never to do so and have never done. Also, I never clip his dew?? claw on the front - am I right?
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For your claw trimming question; I trim all of my cats' claws, including back claws and dew claws too. It doesn't hurt them as long as you're careful to avoid cutting the pink part or "quick" of the nail - that would hurt. Make sure that you're using scissor or guillotine type trimmers and not human clippers which can splinter the nail.
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I feel it is safer to keep your kitty indoors. Outside is so dangerous, studies have proved that outside cats only live 3-5 years. This is due to being hit by cars, poisonings, dogs, disease, and the occational mentally ill person.

If you kitty goes under your car and licks off what ever drips on to it's fur it can die. Radiator fluid will destroy it's kidneys and the damage is irreversable.

I don't mean to lecture, and I'm sorry if it comes across wrong. I have lost so many kitties believing it would be better if they had outside time. Every one of those cats died from cars or poisoning.

Even if they know better than to go in the street, a large dog on their heels tends to remove any fear of the road.

I hope the scratches heal soon, and that you nener have to wash your cat again.
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