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cat causes accident 2

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Some years ago, where I still work we had a major dispute with a customer who we had billed for gas incorrectly for years. The reason being that he had one of 3 specialist meters in existance in the UK that we had no idea about, hence he owed a few thousand pounds. Anyway, this guy went ballistic at me, I started to negotiate and he agreed that a fish and chip shop will use more than a few ££ a week on gas - more like a couple of hundred! It was all going swimmingly in negotiations until he decided to get the media involved and he took us to TV programme and my name was mentioned. To say I was furious is an understatement, however, he really dragged me through and over the coals even though I was the one that was negotiating with him. Nasty bit of work he was....
Anyway - we ended up as a company writing off thousands and he got a few quid for the problem. I settled as I had done nothing wrong at the time and carried on with work.
However, a few days after the money was written off, the bloke went on holiday - spending his compensation no doubt. He was happy - however, I got the last laugh BIG style.
The police were chasing a car that had been stolen some days later in the middle of the night - anyway, the chase was drawing to a close when the very young and underage driver swerved violently as a cat ran out in the middle of the road. The cat shot off and the kid ploughed the car into the chip shop. The drivers got out, were arrested, however, a few minutes later, the shop collapsed on itself and was a pile of rubble.
If I ever meet that cat, for what he did that night, I want to buy it the biggest chunk of fish it can eat - as a thank you !
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All I can say is that Karma can be a real b!tch! LOL

(And at least the kid swerved to avoid hitting the cat!)
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Same here, at least the kid swerved. Many here wouldn't.
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Heidi said it the best!
Thank God the cat didn't get hit and that they guy swerved. That's one lucky kitty!
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It just proves, what goes around, comes around. That cat was pretty lucky, what sort of timing is required for that to happen. Makes you think.
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I agree with you all - I would rather write off a vehicle than take a life of anything - heck I feel guilty when I see a dead animal - rabbit etc on the road side.
Over here in the UK I am lucky as my neighbours have cats and we live in a very quiet estate - no worries over dogs, posioning etc - cats can go out all day and sleep all night or vice versa without fear of problems.
Just wish I could thank that cat for enabling me to get a little of my own back!
Some one mentioned Karma - whats Karma??

finally going to bed after a very very long day.

Oh- something that amuses me - my wife has now booked me in after reading comments on a web site about getting male cats snipped (castrated or whatever). She called the docs and made enquiries about me getting doctored like Brandy was... I am not amused - that cat I swear is smiling at me now he knows what I am gonna have to go through - however, its the responsible thing to do. We have a perfect son - cant have anymore - not worth it - it would possibly damage my wife for life if we had another child.. I am 34 in oct - I am doing the right thing yes?
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My husband swerved off the road to avoid hitting a deer. He rolled his car and it was totaled. Fortunately he was not hurt. The insurance agent told him to hit the deer the next time - since he didn't have any "proof" that he tried to avoid hitting an animal, the insurance claim was suspect, and accused him of driving drunk.

I've heard others make the same statements about their insurance companies - it's a shame that is the direction that they are giving their customers.
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