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cat causes accident

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Some years ago, my father who lives outside Toronto was driving on the 401 on a warm summers night. The car in front suddenly opens a window and dangles a white bit of fluff out and then dropped it - at speed onto the road.
The 401 is a 6 lane freeway in Canada that runs like the M1 here in Yorkshire - can be manic at times.
Anyway, dad, like me is a cat nut and sees this flailing bundle of fluff dropped and hits the pedals and locks the car wheels. He misses the fluff ball by inches who is laid in the road.
There follows the sounds of other vehicles braking and dad got out and picked up the white fur ball.
He took the bleeding and unconcious white fluff home and to a vet, then blew a few thousand bucks on a major op and care and after about two months, she was allowed to come back to his apartment.
Cats were not allowed - but would you say anything? Me neither.
She was named theakston (after a famous Yorkshire beer) and gave my father over 10 years of thanks and love for that day.
She was pure white all over and had pink eyes, was wary of me on my visits to canada but she was stunning.
I would have done the same for a cat - would replace my car if was in an accident but a life is a life and a life is worth anything - even if its a feline.
Guess I take after my father huh?
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wow... that's so sweet of him...
sounds like my fiancee... he's vewy vewy vewy fond of animals too
how come she has pink eyes?
got any photos?
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Your Dad is wonderful! How do I get my hubby to be like that?
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You come from a good family Kev. I think any of us would have done the same thing for the little tuff of fluff.
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