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Allergies ..

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I read today that the younger or earlier a child / new born baby is exposed to cats, the chances of them getting an allergy is massively reduced. In that case, there was a cat in the house before I was born, never known a day in my life without a cat and reason why I dont or our son has never sneezed when a cat is around.

Also read that cats are being taken into residential homes so the residents can give them attention. The cats help stimulate the brain of the residents - I am sure that the torties dont object to a stroke either or a warm lap to sit on either - would you?

Amazing the power of a cat..

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I agree they do have an amazing power to calm us when we have had a rough day. I know my boys will just let me hold them until I feel better and have even given me a furry shoulder to cry on once in a while too
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Hopefully that press will help encourage people to keep their cats when they have babies.

A cat's purr does have healing powers, and it's neat how they can tell when you need comforting, too.

BTW, I went to a cat show this January and there was a representative from the Delta Society attending, looking for people who have friendly and easygoing cats to volunteer. The Delta Society is a group that has people who own friendly pets go out to residential homes and children's hospitals with their pets (among other activities promoting the human-animal bond). The representative told me that they have lots of volunteers with dogs, but were looking for people with cats to volunteer. My cats don't like to be out of the house, but I told her I'd spread the word.
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a neat link for a theory about purring and healing...
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I've heard that about allergies too, however sometimes when you move and change climates you can develop allergies. That's what happened to me, I never had problem with my cats at all until I moved to Arizona. Now I have to be on medcine, shots and an inhalor just to keep my babies. But they sure are worth it.
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