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What do I do!!! I hit a little girls kitten she lives a few houses down I hit my brakes and he ran to the side walk and as soon as I took off again he ran right under my back tires!! I just kept going I panicked! Should I go back tomorrow and give them my condolences? I am so ashamed! I'm not a bad person Just the look on that little girls face tore my heart to pieces
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OMG I'm sorry that happened. I don't know what to tell you to do, but sometimes things happen that you can't help. Are the neighbors friendly? If you go to them & offer condolences, if they're nice people, hopefully they'll understand that it wasn't anything you could have prevented.
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I would go over there now even just leaving a note on their door if the lights are off. But just tell them the truth in the note.
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I went over the next morning and appologized and all the parents could say was that they hated it anyway and that the little girl was over it like it wasn't even sad!!!!!!!!!! I could have ran over them myself!
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Oh My! How incredibly sad............
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they are such heartless ppl!!!! i'm so shocked that such ppl exist!!
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Those people did not deserve to have that sweet kitten. God took him for a reason . . . . to spare him from a tragic life.

There was nothing you could do to prevent the unfortunate accident. At least he did not suffer.

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What an awful thing to happen, and then to have the family react like that. I wonder what on earth made them get a kitten in the first place if they had no care for it?
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this thread..
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