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My bettas!

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So I have six of these lovely little creatures. I used to have more in the past but I've learned from my mistakes. All of them are in heated 2.5 gallons or more, get quality frozen foods and pellets, and are basically pampered. They are all from petstores. The only one I didn't get pics of is Murdoch, my steel blue veiltail. He's terrified of humans, but he's slowly gaining confidence. I just didn't want to give him a heart attack.

This is Luthien or Lulu, my little darling. She has to be my absolute favourite betta ever.

Theta, a little thin since he's recovering from internal parasites. I'm going to get him new decor this weekend.

OM ... when I first got him. He's got more room to spread those gorgeous fins. He's nearly impossible to gets pics of ... little rascal

Pallas, my manly pink plakat

Anona the Giantess, my most recent. She's easily the size of my index finger, about 3 inches long and very aggressive. She's recovering from ich.

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Pretty fishies. Years ago I had a female betta -She looked like Pallas
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I LOVE bettas! Very beautiful!
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I. want. Lulu. -drools-
I had a platinum white Halfmoon pair and they were just gorgeous. I'm a sucker for whites.

I miss having Bettas. D:
Can I just have yours? hahaha
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Opaque whites are quickly becoming my favourite too, though I have yet to find a nice male around here.
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Oh wow, what beautiful fish, they really are stunnin,I only have coldwater, would love tropical fish though. x
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Reminds me of all the bettas I used to have! I used to have all the male ones in seperate tanks, would put them next to each other. I loved watching them puff out at each other, and at their own reflections.
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Beauful fish
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